I’ll be honest with you…there’s been a lot going on lately.  All good, but a tad overwhelming.  I’ve been product testing like a crazy woman and I’m working to find a more effective way to store all my makeup (#bbloggerproblem, anyone?).

Sometimes despite my best efforts, an application  method was no good and it’s back to the drawing board. For the fourth time.


Or the long day of being a mommy meant a few sets of lackluster photos with a look I felt rather “meh” about and a face that was begging to call it quits.


But then things like this happen…

The other night, while wearing my third look of the day and simultaneously testing a bunch of new products, I was getting my four year old ready to bed when she said the sweetest thing:

“Is that makeup on your eyes? It’s so beautiful…I want you to stay in my room all night so I can just look at it.”

And suddenly my stress melted away, I felt like a makeup rock star (even if pictures say otherwise), and I was ready to tackle a few hours of work.

When’s the last time someone completely lifted your spirits with a kind word?