What’s the Last Compliment You Received at Just the Right Time?


I’ll be honest with you…there’s been a lot going on lately.  All good, but a tad overwhelming.  I’ve been product testing like a crazy woman and I’m working to find a more effective way to store all my makeup (#bbloggerproblem, anyone?).

Sometimes despite my best efforts, an application  method was no good and it’s back to the drawing board. For the fourth time.


Or the long day of being a mommy meant a few sets of lackluster photos with a look I felt rather “meh” about and a face that was begging to call it quits.


But then things like this happen…

The other night, while wearing my third look of the day and simultaneously testing a bunch of new products, I was getting my four year old ready to bed when she said the sweetest thing:

“Is that makeup on your eyes? It’s so beautiful…I want you to stay in my room all night so I can just look at it.”

And suddenly my stress melted away, I felt like a makeup rock star (even if pictures say otherwise), and I was ready to tackle a few hours of work.

When’s the last time someone completely lifted your spirits with a kind word?

  • http://kelly-yes.blogspot.com Kelly

    Aw that is so sweet. What a thoughtful daughter you have, not a normal compliment!

    • http://10amBeauty.com/ Alison M

      She really is! Both my kids are complete sweethearts. I still don’t like the look, but at least I can smile about it now and the effort wasn’t wasted :)

  • http://www.glambunctious.com/ Kristen / Glambunctious

    Oh huge bonus points that the compliment came from a child because they are HONEST no matter WHAT! That’s a sweet story! I think the last out of the blue compliment that really made my week was the day I wore MAC Vegas Volt to work. You know me well enough by now that you know I am most comfortable in neutral pinks of the sheer persuasion, so for me to wear an in-yo-face coral creme lipstick -to work- took some guts on my part. A lady I work with who has never said word one about my makeup stopped in her tracks and yelled that she LOVED my lipstick and told me it looked amazing on me! Just as I was starting to feel like a clown for wearing such a bold shade to the office! It really made my day and made me realize I can wear a bolder look from time to time! I’d also like to add YOU to the compliment mix as well. You posted a very sweet comment on my instagram picture today (Revlon Matte Balm) and it made me smile and feel so good! So thank you for spreading the kindness!

    • http://10amBeauty.com/ Alison M

      <3 <3 <3 A genuine compliment is always a day changer. Sometimes we need it more than the other person even knew!

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