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Today I bring you an exciting change of pace…a fashion post!  While my love of all things makeup outshines my inner stylista by far (she’s in there somewhere), I couldn’t resist the opportunity to team up with ShopStyle to show off more of my own personal fashion.  After all…makeup is just an accessory to the clothes.  Or is it the other way around?

I check my makeup in the mirror far more often than I check my clothing.  The is because a) I don’t own a full-length mirror (there has been some seriously dangerous use of the toilet as a step stool in front of the vanity mirror) and b) my clothing doesn’t require the same touching up as my makeup.

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I stick to the basics for my clothing and prefer pieces that can be mixed and matched with just about anything else in my closet.  Because my full-time job is being a stay-at-home-mom of a pre-schooler and a toddler, my clothes need to be spill-, spit-, and stain-resistant and they must be comfortable enough to keep up with me throughout the day.  I love jeans that are form-fitting and tummy-tucking and tops that are loose but still stylish.

But when it comes to shoes I like ’em loud and I like ’em proud.  I’m 5′ 7″ and while this isn’t particularly tall, I love a great pair of heels.  I wear my modified 5′ 10″+ height with pride and often accompany my stand-out kicks with more accessorizing.  My giraffe print iPhone case, bow cuff, and navy clutch are some of my favorite pieces ever.

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I love discount shopping, but hate that I can’t go back to get more of something I love.  The perfect example of this is a pair of DKNY Soho Boot Cut jeans I bought recently.  They are a regular fit with a mid-rise waist and a rather flattering cut to the backside if I do say so myself.  The problem is that I know I can’t find more in local stores.  So I hopped on ShopStyle and found tons of DKNY Soho fit…all in one place.  And I just know I never would’ve come across these polka dot crop jeans in person.  How cute are they?!  Total must-have.

Items included in these photos:


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How would you describe your own style? What is a piece you recently purchased but haven’t been able to find in store again?