I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I love bluemercury.  The boutique-like store offers high quality beauty products, a spa, and personalized customer service.  They also host seasonal events with major makeup brands.  I love scheduling an appointment to meet with an artist and this time had a chance to get to know the Trish McEvoy brand.

Trish McEvoy appointment face chart with Nick Capezza

When I arrived at my appointment, I was refreshed with fruit-infused water and delicious mini cupcakes.  I chatted with April for a few minutes who then introduced me to my artist for the day Nick Capezza.

Let me start out by saying that Nick was a blast.  Easy to talk to, a great sense of humor, and a natural teacher.  Together we used the 8-Step Makeup Lesson to create a natural every day look with emphasis on brightening the eyes (hello!).  Nick demonstrated each step on one side of my face and then walked me through trying it myself on the other side before moving on.  It was a fun way to pick up techniques of another artist while also learning more about the history of Trish McEvoy.

For example, have you ever applied eyeliner from underneath your upper lashes at their base to make them appear fuller?  Trish came up with that technique.  And using a pink-toned corrector in a triangle underneath the eye for a brighter and more lifted look?  Also Trish.

Trish McEvoy appointment with Nick Capezza look

Nick began with skin care, moved on to makeup, and finished with fragrance.  A few products stood out to me right away.  First was the gel liner pencil because it was incredibly smooth.  Then the Beauty Balm because, while pricey, there are two self-adjusting shades and #2…ready for this?….actually adjusted to match my skin.  You all know what a huge deal that is for me.  When we finished with brows I really liked Precision Brow Shaper which is an eyebrow powder in pencil form with a very small tip.  Perfect for creating fuller natural looking brows without getting heavy-handed.

When my makeup was complete I did a little shopping and picked out some gorgeous goodies to share with you later.  And of course I started a wish list for what to try next.  Trish McEvoy has a new Dramatic Lash Mascara (coming to my bluemercury this week) that by name alone is something I need to try.  The girls at my store really like the 24-hour Eyeshadow/Liner pencils, and I can’t stop thinking about the Beauty Balm.  Plus I was looking at my face chart from Nick and saw the names of some of the all natural fragrances…Sexy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk, Black Rose Oud, Precious Pink Jasmine…I need to look into these.  And I love Trish’s point of view about wearing a fragrance to set the mood before applying makeup!

Trish McEvoy appointment with Nick Capezza haul

I always enjoy being introduced to more brands, especially when they are cruelty free, and Friday’s appointment was a blast.  A huge thank you to April, Nick, and bluemercury for such a fun afternoon!

What are some of your Trish McEvoy favorites?