What is your favorite beauty finish?  Typically I am partial to creme for nails and lips with glow on cheeks and eyes.  Lately I’ve been playing with metallics across the board.

Topshop Molten Metallics


The Topshop Molten Metallics collection launched recently with an incredible finish for cheeks, lips, and nails.

Topshop Molten Metallics Aurelian, Incandescent Pink, Filament swatches
Aurelian / Incandescent / Filament

Three of the nail colors are Aurelian (gold), Incandescent (rose gold), and Filament (brushed gold).  Incandescent is a surprise favorite because it works next to my olive skin – a rare trait for pink nail polish!  I am also impressed with the wear time of these polishes.  They are my first from Topshop so I can’t speak to the color lasting long because of formula or finish, but I got a solid 4 days (without base or top coat) before I saw any chipping.  Un.heard. of.

Mescaline Metallic Finish Lipstick
Mescaline Metallic Finish Lipstick

Mescaline is a nude soft gold lip color.  It is most flattering when layered with other lip products, especially as a pop of texture in the center of the lips.

Pulse Metallic Cream Blush
Pulse Metallic Cream Blush
Aorta Metallic Cream Blush
Aorta Metallic Cream Blush
Topshop Molten Metallics Mescaline, Pulse, Aorta Swatches
Mescaline / Pulse / Aorta

Pulse and Aorta are cream blushes with a stunning finish.  It takes a lot of building up to get the level of color shown above.  I imagine Pulse will wear better on untanned skin or as a highlighter.  But seriously – the way these two catch the light is stunning.  Every turn of the head brings a soft flicker of light across the cheeks like I’ve experienced from no other product.  I do sometimes layer them with powder blushes for more color, but on their own both Pulse and Aorta are incredibly unique.  I experience 4-5 hours of wear with either blush, longer if I sacrifice some of the finish by powdering over the top.

Topshop Molten Metallics Look
wearing Aorta blush with Mescaline in the center of my lips

Topshop hit it out of the park with this collection and I am officially loving metallic finishes for fall.


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