I never took much interest in the BB cream craze.  In true Alison M fashion, I waited until brands were well into CC creams before looking into beauty balms.  On the bright side, it means I didn’t give in to the hype but took my time to make an unbiased decision.

Of all the brands, I was most interested in trying Too Faced’s version.  Rather than a one-shade-fits-all product, there are five shades to choose from.  And while the coverage is light (as expected), there are benefits to using beauty balm instead of tinted moisturizer.

Too Faced Beauty Balm Linen Glow after (1)

Meant to “protect, prime, mattify, and perfect,” I’ve worn Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm a few different ways.  On quick makeup days, I skip moisturizer.  Too Faced created their product with SPF 20 which offers a moderate amount of sun protection.  If I have a little more time, I use my normal daily moisturizer first and let it sink in before applying BB cream.  As with most tinted moisturizers, I enjoy buffing the Tinted Beauty Balm into my skin with a short bristled stippling brush.

When worn without a primer and set lightly with powder down the T-zone, I get 6 hours of perfect wear before needing a touch-up, mostly on my oily nose.  If I add a primer and set with powder, I get 8-9 hours of wear.

Too Faced Linen Glow

I like a good concealer in combination with every face product.  While I get a touch more coverage out of Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm than the average tinted moisturizer, it’s not quite enough to cover dark circles or angry blemishes and scarring.

Too Faced Beauty Balm Linen Blow and Amazing Face Liquid Foundation Honey Beige swatchTinted Beauty Balm Linen Glow / Amazing Face Foundation in Honey Beige

Speaking of coverage, the finish is luminous.  Very radiant, almost dewy. But not oily looking.  It’s gorgeous for spring!  I’ve been wearing Linen Glow and expect I can pull it off all year.  It is ever so slightly pink, but what product isn’t next to my skin?  I’ll likely be a good match for Nude Glow in summer and fall, but I’d rather have a shade I can wear all year and customize with bronzer.

Too Faced Beauty Balm Linen Glow beforebefore

Too Faced Beauty Balm Linen Glow afterafter 


Price: $34.00

Availability: Too Faced, Sephora, Ulta

Summary: Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm is an all-in-one product that falls between a tinted moisturizer and a lightweight foundation.  The coverage is fair and leaves a beautiful natural looking glow.  Best set lightly with powder, its staying power requires minimal touch-ups during a typical work day.

Note:  This product is cruelty free and oxybenzone free.

Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for consideration.