Always looking to improve my makeup application skills, I decided to venture into smokey eye looks.  I feel my talent is lacking in this area and the best way to improve is to feature smokey eyes.  To start, I added the Too Faced Smokey Eye Collection to my ever growing array of eyeshadow palettes.

If I could smoke like that, I’d be a happy girl!

‘How to?’ Yes, please!

Well done, Too Faced.  The one thing I do know about smokey eye makeup is that eyeshadow primer is a must!

How big is it?  Who cares!  Look at that adorable iPhone 4s cover!


Have I mentioned enough how much I stinkin’ love included tutorials?  Makeup is for everyone.  But not everyone knows how to apply it.  And even less people are willing to apply it while watching youtube.

I happen to really like strong cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure.  Really really like it.  Plastic cracks easily when dropped.  Cardboard doesn’t.  I bet it helps absorb some of the shock of hitting the tile and better protects the product inside.  Any science whizzes want to back me up there?

The only downside I see to this exact packaging is the lack of a mirror.  I know that not every palette needs a mirror, but I think there could be something better than a repeat of the cover.  Also, the cards were awfully hard to remove from their slot.  So maybe less repeat more improvement on card holder structure?

On to the gloriousness of the colors.

Who doesn’t love a good daytime smokey eye?  I think it was wise to put this combination of shadows first.  It’s the least intimidating of the bunch.  The sort of, “Okay.  I can do this,” color scheme.

White, gray, and black are so typical in a smokey eye.  What I like best about this is that Smokin Hot appears black in the pan.  But really it is the darkest espresso color possible without being black.  That in and of itself makes it easier to wear.  In addition, it isn’t heavily pigmented.  By no means is it chalky or difficult to work with.  But the shadow is buildable, making it easy to prevent over-application.

The last row was one of my main draws to Too Faced’s palette over others.  I love the matte navy shade of Smolder.  A previous release of this collection included different shades, namely a deep green and beige instead of silver and purple.  The former palette never caught my attention.  Enough said.

The Smokey Eye Palette is an awesome introduction to Too Faced.  I recently purchased quite a few other products from the brand and can’t wait to see if they hold to the same quality.  What are some of your favorites from Too Faced?