Too Faced Amazing Face Liquid Foundation Honey Beige

A year ago, I had my makeup done at Sephora and the SA used Too Faced Amazing Face Liquid Foundation.  I recall thinking it was nice, but at the time I wasn’t interested in expanding my foundation options.  But Too Faced caught my attention in a big way with some of their newly released items and I was drawn to their face products again.

You already know I was blown away by the Tinted Beauty Balm (review here) and right off the bat I’ll tell you I am majorly impressed with Amazing Face Oil-Free Close-Up Coverage Foundation.

Too Faced Amazing Face Liquid Foundation Honey Beige claims

The list of claims Too Faced makes on the box are rather lofty.  I don’t know the technology that “adjusts to skin” or the science behind the “Bio Transformed Botanicals.” What I can tell you is that my skin looks flawless and diffused while wearing Amazing Face Foundation.

Too Faced Beauty Balm Linen Blow and Amazing Face Liquid Foundation Honey Beige swatchTinted Beauty Balm Linen Glow / Amazing Face Foundation in Honey Beige

I had a bad luck streak on foundation matches recently, but find Honey Beige suiting my current skin very well.  There is just the right amount of green and after the foundation settles in and oxidizes during the first couple minutes the match looks spot on.

Too Faced Amazing Face Liquid Foundation beforebefore

Too Faced Amazing Face Liquid Foundation after after

My spotty skin is covered very well without concealer, though I do add some for perfecting.  And I am left with that gorgeous natural skin finish that is neither too dull nor too dewey.

My only complaint about Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation is the packaging.  Not having a pump isn’t all that bad as the consistency of the formula is very fluid.  But the width of the top of the bottle makes me wonder how much foundation will be stuck inside at the end of this bottle’s life.  A minor complaint, but worth noting.

Overall I am bummed out that I waited a year to give Amazing Face a proper go of it, but I’m ecstatic at having another properly matched foundation to choose from on a daily basis.


Price: $36.00

Availability: Too Faced, Ulta

Summary: Too Faced Amazing Face Liquid Foundation in Honey Beige gives me almost perfect skin before concealer and powder.  Its fluid consistency makes it easy to buff and blend.  While I did notice the pores on my nose becoming visible as the day went on, taking proper care of my skin cleared this issue up.  Literally.  A fantastic foundation that I recommend to anyone wanting medium natural coverage.

Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for consideration.