I was looking through some older photos and happily thinking about some of my favorite things from a decade ago.  I had shoulder-length hair, opted for tons of eyeliner, and a favorite sweater with tears from cuff to shoulder.  I wore black beaded choker necklaces, boys’ Jnco jeans, and a spoon ring from the ’70s.  Those were my Punk Rock Princess* days.  My Something Corporate** days.  Those were the days

Back to reality.  My style has changed dramatically since then, but my rock ‘n roll roots are still (buried) in there (somewhere under the layers of mom-friendly cotton tops, pixie cut, and lack of jewelry).  So today I pay tribute to my younger self and have a little fun with my former style that helped create my current style.

If I knew then what I know now about makeup, this is what I would have worn.

I actually did have short hair for a stint a decade ago.  Except I spiked out the back.  (And used entirely too much product!)

I had a huge personal struggle ten years ago.  I wanted hair the color of the eyeliner I’m wearing.  Or I wanted to keep the natural brown and toss in a couple highlights the color of my lip butter.  I simply couldn’t decide which was cooler.  But the bigger problem was that real life didn’t allow either.  Some day…


  • Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Transparent Mattifier
  • L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base
  • Revlon Color Stay Combo/Oily Foundation (Warm Golden and Natural Tan)
  • Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer (Medium)
  • Sonia Kashuk Loose Powder (Colorless Matte)


  • Sonia Kashuk Sheer Liquid Tint (Peony)


  • Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow (Audacious Asphalt)
  • L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow (Continuous Cocoa)
  • Sonia Kahuk Gel Liner (Ebony); Eye Definer (Blue Jean)
  • Milani Liquif-eye Liner (Black)
  • Maybelline Colossal Mascara (Glam Black)
  • Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara


  • Revlon Lip Butter (Sweet Tart)

*NOT the best song by them, but still excellent nonetheless.  And yes, I stand by those word choices despite talking about a song entitled “Punk Rock Princess.”  The debate over the awesomeness of this song is, in fact, serious business.

**You should know I was a Something Corporate fan long before the Jack’s Mannequin days.  Long before they were a stand alone act.  Back when William Tell was the lead guitarist.  You know…back when they were playing Summerfest as the opening act to 311.  Hellz to the yeah.  I was a fan, am a fan, and will die a Something Corporate fan. Period.