Theories Saga 1 Flat Iron

Hey, y’all!! /waves furiously/ I have such a fun how-to and mini review of the Theorie Saga 1″ flat iron today. When Theorie sent it for my consideration I thought, “I could simply review it in all its awesome straightening glory….orrrrr I could tell you it is awesome, link you to the specifics, and show you something fun.” So, I went with the latter.


lux all the way to the case
lux all the way to the case
I love classy finishing touches like this metal card with a message from the founder
I love classy finishing touches like this metal card with a message from the founder

Does the Saga 1″ straighten hair? Absolutely. Do the titanium plates smooth my hair on one quick pass? You betcha. Is the faster than fast heat up a total time saver during my overslept-didn’t-prep-toddler-fighting mornings? Yes! But…. Wouldn’t it be way more interesting to show off how I’ve gotten curls that have caught your eye on IG sayyyyy here and here?

When I know I’ll have the time to work some curls, I start by prepping with a curl definer and volumizer on wet hair. I blow it out as usual, turn my Theorie Saga to 380F, and 10 seconds later I’m ready to go.

Steps to Flat Iron Curls

With a smooth 1″-ish section of hair, I close the plates against my hair almost at the root. Then I wrap the hair over the iron, turn the iron 360 degrees in the same direction, and slowly pull it through my hair. To get tighter curls, I continue turning the iron on the way down. For waves I pull through a little faster.


I tend to alternate the direction in which I turn the iron, but that is completely optional. When I’ve finished curling all my hair, I give it a quick spritz with Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hairspray, and then run my fingers through my hair to loosen the curls.


I fully and freely admit that learning to curl with a flat iron took some practice. I’m still not a pro – but I do think it goes to show that if you are going to invest in one heat styling tool, a flat iron is the way to go. Not just for straightening, the Theorie Saga 1″ Flat Iron gives gorgeous curls and more… I’ve already got two more styles in the works. Which do you want to see first – Jackie O bob or braided waves?