Theorie SAGA 3100 case


Theorie SAGA 3100 dryer

When the Theorie SAGA 3100 Blow Dryer landed at my doorstep, five things happened.  They are also the top five reasons to invest in this hair dryer.

1) The (very bald) Mr. M saw the packaging and his reaction was, “Wow! I think I should grow out my hair.” It’s really just that cool.  The case is leather (-ish?) and while large, it’s an easy way to store such an otherwise oddly shaped tool.  My previous hair dryer was constantly getting in fights with curling wands and flat irons every time I tried to take it out of my hair tool basket.  With the SAGA 3100, problem. solved.

2) I unwrapped all of that cord. 11′ of professional cord with attached velcro to wrap it, to be exact.  It’s a thick high quality cord and long enough to get the distance I like from the mirror.  The velcro makes it super easy to store.  Again, no more fights with other hair tools.

3) I plugged it in and belted out “Let it Snow” (as opposed to “Let it Go” because what fun are actual lyrics?) while my kids twirled and danced in the wind.  You see, a hair dryer is only as good as its cool shot button.  I ran it on high and hot (there are three temperature settings and two speeds) to let things heat up (snow prince and princess were kept at a distance – there was no melting during this process).  Then, I held down the cool shot button and 5 seconds later there was cold air blasting from my hair dryer.  No wimpy cool air from this nozzle.  Real, icy cold air worthy of the North Mountain.

4) 10 minutes led to smooth, silky, bone dry hair.  My first actual use wasn’t to style my hair in any manner other than parted and straight (a real blow out process that creates a style takes more time), but it was all that I needed and there are certainly days when 10 minutes is all I have.  My last blow dryer is sold for half the price of Theorie’s, had a slightly higher watt motor, but took twice as long for dry hair and the results weren’t nearly as impressive.

5) The power surprised me.  The output from the SAGA 3100 is a force to be reckoned with. After recreating Victoria Secret Angels skin in honor of the VS Fashion Show, I decided to use a makeshift wind machine to really turn things up in photos.  I recruited my three-year-old to hold and point the hair dryer toward me on cold and low.  No gentle hair-in-the-breeze look in that photo set. More of a “That’s no blizzard. That’s my sister blow dryer” effect.  Whoops.  And yet this happens using 15% less energy than the leading 1875W hair dryer. How do they do it?!

So is the $200 price tag really worth it?  I say, yes.  Given the quality of the dryer, the quality of the blow outs I achieve (I’ve since styled while drying…in 15 minutes), time saved, and lifetime warranty (you read that right), it is definitely worth the investment for someone who regularly blow dries hair.

What do you look for in a blow dryer?


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