Theorie Argan Oil


After four months of use, I’m ready to fill you in on Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Reform hair products.


 What began as a need for something to instantly soothe an itchy scalp turned into a learning lesson on caring for my hair, scalp, and even my skin.  In June my scalp became itchy to the point that I packed up my 3 year old and we headed to TJ Maxx in hope of finding a high quality hair brand that would treat whatever was causing my discomfort.  This is when I found Theorie and have since become an avid user of the brand’s high quality and comparatively affordable products.

A few key facts about the Argan Oil Ultimate Reform line:

  • Intended for severely damaged, unresponsive hair
  • Advanced technology with active oxygen therapy enhances strength and brilliance
  • Free of Sodium Chloride, Sulfate, Phosphate and Parabens
  • Cruelty free

The most impressive thing about this line is that it doesn’t make my hair greasy or weighed-down and yet protects my hair from heat damage.  I have a lot of hair, but it is very fine and any Argan Oil products I’ve tried from other brands leave my hair overly coated and greasy.  This is not something I want as I wash my hair as little as possible.  Even regular use of the Argan Oil Medium Hold Hairspray isn’t drying out my locks.

The serum is new to my routine and was sent with all the items pictured (after I purchased the shampoo, conditioner, three masks, and two hairsprays myself over the course of the summer…yes, I’m stocking for the zombie apocalypse).    I was hesitant to try the serum, but it impressed me after first use and will replace the other…ahem, “miracle” leave-in treatment I was using prior.

Theorie not only has a variety of hair care products, but makes stylist quality hair tools as well that I am naturally eager to try.  I had the opportunity to ask Charles Kline, the founder of Theorie, a few of my questions regarding both and I am pleased to share with you his answers.

Why Argan Oil?

The “liquid gold” of hair care, argan oil is an organic product extracted from the kernels of the native Moroccan argan tree. Rich in nutrients, fatty acids, and Vitamin E, this natural oil has proven to make hair softer, silkier, and shinier. Argan oil also has the benefit and ability to treat split ends and tame frizzy hair, and can even be used as a styling agent that instantly adds a healthy and attractive shine to any hair style.


You’ve included grape seed oil in the Argan Oil line.  I’m hearing more and more about grape seed oil, especially used in skin care by celebrities such as Emma Stone.  What are the benefits of using grape seed oil in hair products?  Do you see this as an up and coming oil in the beauty world?

Yes, I see this as the new “go to” for a healthy hair and scalp. Natural grapeseed oil is full of valuable benefits for human use, especially in regards to personal hygiene. Most notably, the variety and volume of nutrients in this oil contribute to healthy and strong hair growth, dandruff protection, and scalp moisturizing. Not to mention, this oil is completely hypoallergenic, and able to be applied on all sensitive hair and scalp types, including children or infants.


What makes Theorie [toos] different from other brands?

By utilizing the most advanced haircare technologies in a safe and easy to use way, our product is protected by a lifetime warranty in an award winning package. Features include: a rubberized metallic finish, heat resistant textile cord, ionized plates, a digital LED read out, Far Infrared technology, and an auto shut off to ensure safety and use the least amount of electricity as possible.

 Theorie offers four hair care lines, each with a different natural key ingredient and benefiting different types of hair.  For recovery from summer damage, I highly recommend the Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Reform line.  You can find Theorie online at Your Theorie, or