When a few products from theBalm, one of my favorite brands, came up on HauteLook awhile ago I was very excited.  Of course I wanted to buy it all, but I restrained myself and got only the necessities.

First up is the ever desired Nude ‘Tude.  When buzz about this twelve shadow palette hit the blogosphere, I searched for swatches a couple times a day.  theBalm knows their shadows.  At the time I was on a perfect-nude-eyeshadow palette hunt and Nude ‘Tude was a serious contender.  I couldn’t find it anywhere in stores so I didn’t get my hands on it right away.  Had I just trusted my history with loving everything by theBalm, I would’ve purchased Nude ‘Tude straight from their site.  It’s just. so. pretty.

theBalm ‘Nude Tude

There are three distinct groups of four in this palette that make pairing these shades very easy.  Here are the swatches to show how well these work as highlight, mid-tone, and contour shades.


Shades: Sassy, Stubborn, Snobby, Stand-offish

I prefer the first group as highlights or for the inner-half of the lid.  This group has four very different colors.  They are all shimmery, with Stand-offish being the most obvious shimmer of the bunch.

Shades: Selfish, Sophisticated, Sultry, Schitzo

Beautiful neutrals that make an easy wash of color or used on the lid, these four represent the essential mid-tones.  Selfish reflects the most light in this group and is a gorgeous taupe.  Sophisticated and Schitzo have a mild sheen and Sultry is matte.

Shades: Sexy, Serious, Silly, Sleek

The final group of shades is best worn in the crease, outer V, or as liner.  Silly has copper-orange and gold glitter.  The other three are mattes.  Sexy is a bit unexpected to me because it’s more of a burgundy than a neutral, but it’s a nice surprise.  While none of these swatch very well, they do apply very well to the eye.

I also ordered FratBoy blush as a natural every day shade.

Frat Boy Packaging

While the packaging is cute, I never was attracted to the “frat boy” type.  This blush on the other hand…I’m all over ;)

Frat Boy swatch and blended

Aren’t we just loving this??  It’s a very versatile shade that I can use for any look I choose.  And there’s plenty of product so this will last me a long long time.

Both of these are fabulous and I recommend them equally.  I’ll be on the lookout for my next purchase from theBalm.