Meet Matte and Meet Matte Nude Comparison

A couple years ago, we had the delightful opportunity to Meet Matt(e) in all his handsome glory.  He’s a stand-up guy who provides matte eyeshadow options for any occasion.

Meet Matte Eyeshadow

From neutrals to blues, plum, and pink, a variety of matte tones are covered.  The Matts are perfect for every day wear or even over a shimmering primer for an added punch.  Now that we know and love the Matts, we get to Meet Matt(e) Nude.  I don’t know about you, but nude?!  Yes, please ;)

Meet Matte Nude EyeshadowsDo you see the gorgeousness?  Larger shadows rich in neutral tones, there’s a little bit of everything provided by this group of Matts.  And just like the ladies of Nude ‘Tude, these aren’t run-of-the-mill shades.

Meet Matte and Meet Matte Nude Eyeshadow ComparisonThe original Meet Matt(e) is a small palette with a net weight of .33 oz.  The Nude counterpart is .9 oz.

Meet Matte Swatches Smith / Gallagher / Ramirez / McDonald / Horowitz / Chung / Batali / Schilling / Patel

The variety in Meet Matt(e) offers shades that are appropriate for everything from Sunday morning brunch, to a week at the office, and Saturday night out.

Meet Matte Nude Swatches

Johnson / Garcia / Malloy / Rosen / Wood / Singh / Abdul / Lombardi / Hung

The shadows in Meet Matt(e) Nude can be combined together or provide the perfect blending shades for any eye look.

As with any similarly themed palettes, there is a risk of duping a shade or two.  Here are the most similar shades from both palettes:

Meet Matte and Nude Swatches Comparisons

Ramirez and Wood / Patel and Abdul / Batali and Hung

 Ordered from the original palette, to the second version, the most similar shades are the taupes.  Patel runs the slightest bit more ashy while Abdul has a hint of lavender (more apparent when not behind the camera).  Ramirez actually runs cooler than Wood.  And Batali is a rich fig while Hung is a smoky plum.

theBalm powder formulas are superb and offer the most quality in smoothness and blending.  I’m happy to own the most recent eyeshadow palette and look forward to growing my ever-increasing collection of theBalm.

What are your thoughts on matte eyeshadows?  Do you prefer them colorfully dressed or completely nude?