My love for theBalm products grows with each new purchase, but something unexpected happened recently.

I don’t have a soft neutral pink blush in my collection so Down Boy, described as a “baby pink,” sounded like an obvious choice from theBalm.  Upon receiving it, however, I was surprised to find something far from “baby pink.”

Anyone else in love with the pattern around the mirror?

Let’s take a closer look at the color.

I had a lighter and softer pink in mind.  In the pan, Down Boy is about one whole shade deeper than I expected.  But the swatch?  A complete shock.

When worn, Down Boy looks more playful than sophisticated.  It is far cooler than I anticipated and carries a slight lavender undertone.  While this blush is a gorgeous color and wears beautifully, I am disappointed.  And here’s why:

theBalm Down Boy and Sonia Kashuk Flamingo are very similar shades.  In the pan, Flamingo looks obviously more blue than Down Boy.  But take a look at comparison swatches:

Flamingo doesn’t have the subtle lavender tone to it, but otherwise the two are identical.  I’m still on the hunt for a baby pink, but for now I need to start wearing Flamingo on a regular basis if I’m ever going to use it up before wearing Down Boy.

Have you ever been excited to purchase something only to realize it’s not what you expected?