After one month of not buying makeup, I made my first purchase.  I spent the month of October making a wish list of sorts to figure out what I really wanted to add to my collection next.  While today’s buy wasn’t on the list, seeing it again in person at TJ Maxx simply confirmed it was what I was looking for.

16 shadow/liners; 2 lip/cheek stains, 1 lip gloss, and 4 suggested color combinations

I had two holiday eyeshadow wishes.  The first was to find a gold shadow.  The second was to see the holiday palette from Sonia Kashuk in person.  From the pictures of that palette I love the shadows, but I’m not feeling the lip colors because I never have much luck with palette lippies.

I also was on the look-out for two new blushes.  My creme blushes collection is missing a coral-rose color.  And I hadn’t narrowed down the exact color I wanted in a berry cheek shade, but that too was on the list.

And finally, I’ve had my eye out for a deep purple shadow that actually had some color pay-off.

Check out the pictures…I think you’ll agree I found everything in one place!

All 16 Shadows

It’s my understanding that theBalm and the Beautiful is the same palette as The Muppet Show Cast Your Shadow.  While neither are currently listed on theBalm’s website, there has been a lot of excitement over the Muppet theme including a giveaway by theBalm.  Personally, I’ve never seen The Muppets and prefer the humor on the soap opera theme of the version I purchased.

Swatches by row:

the oil tycoon / the estranged mom / the supermodel / the bad boy
the southern belle / the mother-in-law / the guy who died but didn’t really die / the mistress
the step brother / the coma patient / the police man / the brain surgeon
the neighbor / the stock broker / the basket case / the older woman

That combination in the first row is to die for!  But I see myself getting the most use out “the brain surgeon,” “the guy who died but didn’t really die,” and “the mother-in-law.”  I love the smoothness of the shadows and will continue to recommend them (at TJ Maxx prices).

2 stains / 1 lip gloss
the drama queen / the perfect man / the evil twin

The stain formula reminds me more of a creme blush than a stain.  I love the formula when applied to the apples of my cheeks, but won’t use it for my lips which are very dry and benefit from a richer formula.

An added bonus to the list of reasons to buy is the color combo suggestions.  I love having a few “no thinking required” ideas that are fail-proof when I’m feeling uninspired or just too busy to take the time.  Here are two of the recommended looks:

“Power Lunch” with Sonia Kashuk Lip Gloss in Sexy
“Walk of Fame” with Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lip Color in Dahlia

Overall, I’m very impressed with this palette and am excited to have found so many of my “wants” in one place for the lucky price of $19.99.  Will you be on the hunt for one?  Which theme would you rather find?