Upon first learning of the Fall 2013 Gifting Palettes from NARS, I fell head over heels for Fairy’s Kiss.  I’ve been wanting a blackened-violet smokey eye for quite some time now but used what little patience I possess to hold out for the perfect fit.  I further investigated Fairy’s Kiss and learned that I was truly wanting the shade that is in the right side of the Brousse Duo.  The other shades in Fairy’s Kiss are either already in my collection or very similar to shades I already own.  So I instead purchased the NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Brousse.


Chocolate.  Blackened-violet.  Satin.  Exactly what I wanted.


I wore Brousse exclusively for an entire week and thought I’d share three of the ways I wore it.

A cat eye with brown on the lid, violet at the outer corner and crease and a black-violet liner.



Classic with brown on the lid and violet on the outer corner with a black-violet liner.



As a casual smoky eye with brown as the base, violet over the top and fading to the crease.  A smudged black liner at the lashes to create more depth.



How would you wear this pair?  What is your favorite eyeshadow duo?