Who else saw the Tarte Holiday 2013 collection and knew instantly what they were getting?  While I was drawn to a few different sets, my biggest need was for the Off the Cuff Amazonian Clay Blush Palette.

Tarte Off the Cuff Review Swatch

From its adorable packaging to the cute wrist cuff with a bow, the slim palette is casting a spell over me.


Slightly smaller across than three regular line Amazonian Clay blushes, Off the Cuff holds four blush shades and one bronzer.

IMG_3564Crave / Dazzled / Darling / Dollface / Park Ave Princess

I consider Crave and Dollface excellent winter blushes while Dazzled and Darling lend themselves to fall trends.  And Park Ave Princess is the matte version (the regular line has a matte and a pearl) which I prefer during cooler months.

IMG_3612Crave / Dazzled / Darling / Dollface / Park Ave Princess

As always, I appreciate this palette including regular line shades (Dazzled, Dollface, and Park Ave Princess).  I haven’t seen Crave previously, but Darling is referenced in Amazonian Clay Blush info from a couple years ago.


A few other blushes that I own struck me as being similar, but none of them were dupes.  I’ve first compared the pearl Park Ave Princess to the matte one and it’s clear that the undertone varies from one to the other.  In the pan Tarte Blissful looks very similar to Crave, but Blissful swatches much warmer.  Next I found NARS Dolce Vita looking Similar to Dazzled, but Dolce Vita is more berry while Dazzled is slightly more natural toned.  And Tarte Peaceful seemed to be a close match for Darling until I swatched and saw that Darling is more orange and of course doesn’t have the shimmer.  Dollface (not pictured in comparisons) seems like a run-of-the-mill baby pink, however none of my other blushes in this genre came close enough to compare in a photo.  It is definitely unique enough to own.

IMG_3785wearing Crave and Park Ave Princess

IMG_3801wearing Darling and Park Ave Princess

IMG_3749wearing Dazzled and Park Ave Princess

IMG_3737wearing Dollface and Park Ave Princess

Are you planning to buy anything for yourself from the Tarte of Giving collection? Will you be hanging on to it or gifting it?


Price: $42.00

Availability: Sephora (Exclusive)

Summary: Tarte Off the Cuff palette is a great deal for the money.  With four blushes and a bronzer, the shades work best for fall and winter but can be worn year round.  The packaging is glamorous but sturdy and isn’t overly bulky as some holiday collection items can be.  I highly recommend Amazonian Clay Blushes in general and this set is a great addition to anyone who shares my affinity for long lasting, well-pigmented blushes.

10am Beauty Approved?: Yes – Highly Recommended

Disclosure: This product was purchased with my own money.