Tarte Flush and Slate Packaging


A deluxe size Tarte EmphasEyes Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow in Slate and Amazonian 12-Hour Clay Blush in Flush with a cream shadow brush for $10 was a steal.  The blush is a gorgeous bright fuchsia and the shadow a shimmering taupe neutral.

Tarte Flush and Slate

Originally, I planned to purchase Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Skinny Jeans which made Benefit Unsung Heroes on Karen’s Makeup and Beauty Blog.  But when I swatched it, my fears rang true… much cooler than I was looking for in a cement-toned cream shadow.  I wasn’t sold on Tarte’s Slate in store and put it out of my mind.

But Flush caught my eye as I hadn’t made a bold blush choice in awhile.  I wanted a pop of brightness for my cheeks because it’s a perfect way to wear color on an otherwise laid-back face.

Tarte Flush and Slate Swatches

The color of flush is gorgeous and, while it looks scarily vivid in pan, it blends out to a beautiful berry shade.  Slate is one of those stand-by shades and formulas that pairs well on a quick basic face or to give a base to they eye on a more complex look.  I love cream shadows for their versatility as primers and their ability to function solo.

This review has taken a couple months because I’ve been trying to find my favorite way to work with Flush.  The one major con to the shade is how highly pigmented it is for such a bright shade.  It is easy to go overboard and, because it is a long-wear formula, taking off the excess isn’t easy.  But I’ve come up with a method that makes application much easier.  The same method can be used for any vivid or highly pigmented brush.

  1. Condense the bristles of a blush brush between your fingers.
  2. Very lightly tap the center of the brush once onto the blush.
  3. Let go of the bristles and tap the brush onto the area of the cheek where the most color is desired.
  4. Blend.

While stippling brushes tend to work to use a small amount of product, I don’t recommend one for applying a vivid blush.  Because stippling brushes have a flat top, there is a wider area of the cheek that gets a higher amount of coverage.  But a condensing a brush that naturally has a rounded top will keep the heaviest color to a smaller designated area.  Blending will look more natural and less like clown cheeks.

Wearing Tarte Flush and Slate
Wearing Tarte Flush, Slate, and Maracuja Gloss in Preppy


Price:  $25.00

Availability:  Tarte Online, Sephora

Summary:  While the application is a bit finicky, the color, longevity and finish of Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Flush is wonderful.  emphasEyes Cream Eyeshadow in Slate is a staple shade in any makeup collection.

10am Beauty Approved?:  Yes