So I went shopping the other night.  Let’s get straight to the point:

Yeah.  That’s a lot of product.

I had a rather unfortunate experience with my local Ulta recently and happened to tweet about it.  @ULTA_beauty  got me in touch with customer service who contacted the manager at my store.  I’m not going to lie, I was rather mortified.  I don’t do well with confrontation.  The manager, however, was just as embarrassed by the situation and was absolutely wonderful.  She then sent me a gift card (totally unnecessary, but very appreciated) in the amount of the item I had been trying to purchase.  My recent trip to the store showed a major improvement in the customer service.  I still felt a little uncomfortable checking out with my gift card, but I also feel like the manager took time to correct things with her team.

What I got:

Then I took the few minute drive over to Sephora to pick up my “birthday month” gift and a lip color I saw swatched on Beautezine.  The day I saw “Royal Wedding” I knew I needed it. How perfect is that color?  And, yes, that’s another concealer… I’ll save that story for another day.

The same SA was there from my first trip and I really really really like her.  Note to self:  get. her. name. next time.  (I’m so rude!)

As though I hadn’t bought enough in one night, I ran in to Target to grab some tinted moisturizer and walked out with a nail color too.

All in all, I’m so excited about each of these.  My shopping urge has been subdued (so thankful for that) and, honestly…with exception to the nail color and specific brand of concealer, every one of these was on my Wish List.  Yay!

Expect reviews on most of these.  Anything you’d like to see first?

What stores have your shopping urges led you to buy recently?