Pink and spring are synonymous.  Midway through April I am wondering… how do you take your pink?

Sonia Kashuk Spring 2014 Product Closeup

I for one like ’em with some impact.  When I think pink, it’s never a light pink.  On me light pink = nude.  Give me a medium, a bold, or a rich fuchsia like two of the new pinks Sonia Kashuk offers in her Spring 2014 line.  But now I’m torn…

Sonia Kashuk Nail Colour in Pinky Promise worn

Satin Luxe Lip Color in Parisian Pink – So classy, so rosy.  And exactly what I was craving in March.  Not to mention the formula actually improves the condition of my lips throughout the day.  Chalk one up to a comfortable and affordable lipstick that doesn’t dry me out!

Nail Colour in Pinky Promise – Punchy hot pink that I tend to prefer in summer.  Except I really like it now.  I tend to reserve the boldest pinks for my lips, but over 48 hours into my manicure and I don’t want to change the color.  Over 48 hours…that means it didn’t chip or peel so far which is a major plus as my nails have been struggling to let polishes adhere.

So how do you take your pink?  Do you go for the muted shades or in-your-face-hello-I’m-here color?