There’s a tiny moment in time that I treasure.  One that I didn’t even realize was happening until years after the fact because, at the time, there was no way to know what was happening.  I had met a guy. Shamelessly taken his hat right off his head, and walked away.  He followed.

We flirted.

We flirted some more.

He asked me out.  Our first date was six hours of talking…and it was perfect.

A few months later, we were engaged.

But there was a moment in there, a very brief moment, that happened right before I realized I’d rather be with him than away from him.  Even before I realized I had fallen in love.  That moment when everyone who knew me realized something was tremendously different and yet I was blissfully unaware.

This is a moment I now treasure.  One that I look back on as unabashedly real.

It’s the moment I was taken back to after breathing in the romantic yet unassuming scent of philosophy loveswept.  Sweet and innocent, but rich with a deeper secret.  Love is in the air?  Perhaps.

philosophy loveswept

Fragrance notes:

fresh bergamot and citrus; pink jasmine, lotus blossom and purple passion fruit; warm musk and creamy amber

From its delicate watercolor bottle, loveswept develops over a few hours from bright, to fresh, and finally to something deep and comforting, it sends me daydreaming with a coy smile to cherished thoughts of how a harmless flirtation can become something profoundly real.

Nine years later and that singular moment has blossomed into a marriage, a family, and a life together.

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