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Tagged by the ever gorgeous Taylor of My Lucite Dreams, it’s my turn to spill it…what’s in my makeup bag right now.  In all honesty I don’t have a makeup bag.  I have a mom bag purse with every pocket – both interior and exterior – holding some variety of beauty product.  I wish I was organized enough to have a makeup bag.  But for now I’m just happy when I remember to carry my lip color of the day with me.

Spill It Tag Hand Products

There are a few items that always live in my purse.  The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector is one I’m trying to use up as is the L’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream with 20% Shea Butter.  I won’t be repurchasing L’Occitane (they aren’t cruelty free) but I do love TBS skin products.  I have three other hand creams from the brand in use in various places in my home.

I also always have hand sanitizer.  Public places (bathrooms, hand rails, door knobs, etc) really gross me out.  People are simply disgusting.  That includes my kids.  I am always wiping someone’s nose, my daughter sucks her thumb, and I can’t get my son to stop licking his hands so I enjoy knowing we can kill germs when necessary.  I have The Body Shop Satsuma hand sanitizer.  The scent is diviiiiiiiine, but also quite overpowering.  Not great for use when sitting with a group of people, but when we leave…time to de-germ!

Spill It Tag Lip Balmlook! genuine purse fuzz! enticing.

The other regulars are my Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balms.  I love that these have have SPF 25 because my lips tend to get sunburned.  Grapefruit & Ginger has been in my purse for awhile and has a dedicated pouch so I always know where it is.  I have no patience for digging when my lips are dry!  I’m not sure how Natural Mint & Shea Butter made its way in, but it’s my favorite because I find it the most moisturizing so in the pocket it stays.

Then we have lipsticks and lip glosses.  I’ll be honest with you.  I cleaned these all out of my purse in the morning and later in the day saw that Taylor tagged me.  So this is cheating, but I find it a minor offense as they really were all in my bag.

Spill It Tag Rosy Lip SwatchesSpice Spice Baby / Fresco / Naked / Sandy

Urban Decay Naked, Hourglass Fresco, and Too Faced Spice Spice Baby have been absolute constants.  I’m somehow a natural lip junkie lately.  I tried to vary things a bit so I topped with Buxom Sandy for a couple of days.  I know.  Just wild.

Spill It Tag Berry Lip SwatchesBerry Blast / So Berry Sexy / Strawberry Parfait

Another Buxom lip is the Berry Blast Lip Cream.  This one is brand new to me and I’ve only worn it once.  Soooooo pretty and I can’t wait to share more in its own post. I already have another Buxom Lip Cream on my to-buy list.  The formula is fantastic.

Then there is Too Faced So Berry Sexy and NYX Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait that I wore Thursday out of shame for so many lighter lipsticks.

And last but certainly not least, I have a small pack of Wet Ones (I’ll spare you the close-up).  You know, girl’s gotta shop.  And if girl’s gotta shop then girl’s gotta swatch!  I normally carry baby wipes for swatch-cleaning purposes but found these Wet Ones laying around and want to use them up.

Did I cheat with this tag? Maybe a little.  But it made things a lot more interesting…if seven lip products can be called “interesting.”

It’s your turn to spill it! What I really want to know in the comments below is…How many lip products are currently in your purse?