Big news this spring!!  Sonia Kashuk came out with a new line of lip color.  The Luxury Lip Colors are now discontinued.  While they were lovely (my favorite, y’all!) her much anticipated Satin Luxe line is simply fabulous.  Her lip colors are completely reformulated with new added benefits, namely SPF 16.  My lips are prone to burning so I am especially thankful.  What Sonia says about her new line (click here for source):

“The luscious, anti-aging lip color with a sophisticated texture provides nourishing ingredients to plump up lips for added firmness. The paraben and fragrance-free formula contains Brown Seaweed Extract, a marine botanical rich in fatty acids that preserves skins elasticity, Ceramide 2 and Palmitoyl Peptide to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and SPF 16 to protect lips from UV rays.”

I found every new item she has this spring over the course of a couple weeks.  But the lip colors were simply unavailable.  Anywhere.  My store finally stocked all but one color.  The shade range is extensive from soft nudes and pinks to vivid pinks and corals all the way to classic red, a purple shade, and a burgundy – fourteen shades in all.

My favorite thing about the new line is the way they wear.  When first applied, they are smooth and silky.  They feel light but moisturizing.  Within thirty minutes they change and feel more like a stain, but have a satin finish.  The colors are incredibly pigmented.  I am currently wearing my favorite new shade.  I applied it three hours ago, have since eaten an avocado wrap and a few pear slices, drank 32 ounces of water, and the “stain” effect is still going strong.

For those of us who love applying and reapplying lip colors, good news:  it gets better as you go.  Because they set and absorb into lips, they provide an amazing base for reapplication.  After three hours of wear, I apply again and end up looking like I have liner, lip color, and a subtle gloss…all from one product.

Simply amazing.

Here is my favorite shade, Ruby Rose:

The new black packaging is sexy and chic.  It still has the color button to make finding the right tube easier when digging through your stash.

Taken without flash under bright natural light.

Ruby Rose is a gorgeous color that is versatile enough to wear year round.  I love the brightness of the hue and also the depth.  I highly recommend this for mid- or olive-toned women.  This was my most anticipated shade and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The color payoff is just as excellent when applied to the lips.

Sonia Kashuk’s line is available exclusively at Target and the prices are very affordable thanks to her ability to avoid the middleman.  For $9.99 you absolutely need to get at least one shade.  I already own three but will be back for more soon!