I recently received a package in the mail from the one and only Danielle of Bloomin Beauty.  She is such a wonderful and beautiful person who always has gorgeous photos and thoughtful reviews on her blog.  Danielle was kind enough to send me a few products she thought I would enjoy.  Let’s just say she knows me rather well!  Two of them I want to show off in this post are Sonia Kashuk eye shadow quads in Fair and Square and Shimmering Sands.  I think I’ll save the others for a later date :)

Fair and Square and Shimmering Sands

While Danielle (and anyone else who reads this blog) knows that I’m a huge Sonia Kashuk fan, she doesn’t know this:  I have long been eyeing up both of these quads.  I actually bought Fair and Square a long time ago and sent it to my sister.  She has fair skin, green eyes, and light brown hair (I swear, we’re related!) so I couldn’t resist getting her the quad.  But sometimes I felt a little jealous that she owned such pretty shades and I didn’t.

What I love about this group of colors is that the shades are just different enough from your average neutrals to become interesting.  The top left is a matte pink with a few small particles of shimmer.  The top right is a champagne color glitter in Sonia Kashuk’s signature formula.  The bottom two shades are shimmery, almost metallic, pinky beige and taupe with bronze tones.  The taupe shade is the one I’ve been longing for most.

As far as Shimmering Sands, it looks much (much) lighter in the store than it does under average lighting.  I think it’s classy and beautiful, but always thought it wouldn’t work for my skin tone as the Sonia Kashuk line can be more flattering on porcelain and fair skin.

This quad was hard to photograph and what I ended up with isn’t a 100% true representation of the shades and textures.  You’ll have to rely on my description to fill in some of the photographic blanks.  The top left shade is a warm tan with a sparing amount of sparkles.  Next to it is a sandy-colored glitter.  The bottom left corner is again the high shimmer/metallic formula.  In the product picture, it looks more like the glitter formula, but I assure you it is not.  The final color is a cream, again with some intermittent sparkle.  The swatch of this one photographed about two shades darker than it looks in person.

I love these both and they are nice additions to my Sonia Kashuk collection.  I still can’t believe I didn’t already own them!  I’m ever thankful to Danielle for her thoughtfulness and am eager to play around with summertime looks as June is just around the corner.