Blush, Tapered Shadow, Small Shadow, Concealer, Smudge

This set has drawn my attention for awhile now and I’m so glad I finally bought it.  The tapered eye brush alone is worth the $14.99, but more on that later.  The majority of my brushes are Kashuk Tools and I am simply in love with their quality.  I do own a couple from her bamboo line also because I’m a sucker for anything bamboo.  I tend not to indulge in her limited edition sets simply because I like things matchy-matchy in my bathroom. (Ridiculous, I know.)  But this one…  Oh, this one…

Overall, I love the quality.  I do have two other limited edition sets (not to be confused with the individual limited edition bamboo) and the quality of the Brush Couture set is much higher.  The bristles are very soft, almost as soft as the Kashuk Tools line.  And they blend wonderfully.  The handles are rather lightweight but do seem sturdy.  They are a touch shorter than I prefer, but not enough to affect their performance.  And the design?  Well, black is my favorite color ;)

To begin with, there is a dome blush brush.  It has longer bristles and is fairly dense, but not overly full.  Because of the density, I prefer it for medium to light pigmented blushes.  Anything with a very bright color still fairs best with a duo fiber brush (not pictured).  As you can see, the bristles don’t fan out as wide as my other similar brushes and are longer than my blush brush.  I don’t anticipate this one fanning out permanently with use.

Compared to Kashuk Tools Blusher and Bamboo Powder Brush (LE)
Bamboo Powder / Brush Couture Blusher /  Kashuk Tools Blusher

Next is the tapered shadow brush.  I’ve long debated getting the Kashuk Tools Small Multipurpose Powder Brush but always walked away feeling it was bigger than I wanted for my eyes and smaller than I wanted for targeted areas on my face.  But in this set it is oh. so. perfect.  The exact size necessary to really blend my eyeshadows and it comes to the perfectly tapered point!

The concealer brush is included in the next two pictures as well because it too is round.  The truth about this brush?  I could do without it.  I prefer a pointed foundation brush for blending concealers.  My plan is to experiment in using this one at the outer corners or my eyes.  It does come to the slightest point that might be just right.  I’m not sure about it though because it appears to made for cream products, not powder.  In which case, I’ll just use it for cream based shadows!

Kashuk Tools Large Domed Eyeshadow Brush / Tapered Blending Brush / Kashuk Tools Synthetic Crease Brush / Concealer Brush
Concealer Brush / Kashuk Tools Synthetic Crease Brush / Tapered Blending Brush / Kashuk Tools Large Domed Eyeshadow Brush
Concealer Brush / Kashuk Tools Synthetic Crease Brush / Tapered Blending Brush / Kashuk Tools Large Domed Eyeshadow Brush

I’ve long used the Kashuk Tools Medium Fluffy Shadow Brush, but lately am finding it too big for anything other than a large wash of color.  So I tried a smaller brush, but I only like it for packing on color.  It’s rather short and stiff.  I’m pleasantly surprised by the Brush Couture version.  It’s not very dense nor does it appear fluffy, but the bristles are flexible enough to apply shadow softly and it requires minimal blending after.

Kashuk Tools Medium Fluffy Shadow Brush / Brush Couture Small Shadow Brush / Kashuk Tools Small Shadow Brush

The fifth brush in this set is a smudge brush.  I can never have too many smudge brushes!  Because of their small size, the versatility for cream, gel, or powder products, and the likelihood that I’m using it for a very deep shade, I’d rather own a few than wash more often.  Bonus points for the fact that it seems like it will hold up to wear and tear better than my Kashuk Tools version!

Smudge Brush / Kashuk Tools Smudge Brush / Bamboo Shader  <—- FYI  a must-have

From the look of it, this set is discontinued.  It’s likely still available at your local Target, but hurry because I can’t find it on the Sonia Kashuk site anymore.  She has, however, put out a new 5-piece Brush Couture set that has some tantalizing pieces and a bright retro look.

Do you indulge in limited edition brush sets?  Do you get them for cute factor or function?