I’ve been going through my entire makeup stash to rediscover a few perfectly wonderful items I’ve neglected over the last few months (years).  I’m also very much into blush lately.  So I thought I’d do a quick review on my favorite line, the Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blushes.  I also own two (of three) of her creme blushes and two (of three) liquid blushes.  While I love those as well, I really want to focus on the powder blushes because they are the easiest to wear and so universally flattering.

Sonia Kashuk currently has six shades available for $8.99 each exclusively at Target.  A fun fact I just learned from her website:

Infused with brown seaweed extract, known for preserving the skins elasticity and providing firmness.

I can’t attest to how these blushes have protected my youth because I’ve simply never paid attention.  But I do like knowing that added benefit is there.

I own six Sonia Kashuk blushes, two of them discontinued, but I’ll include them anyway because they are rather pretty.

Tawny and Lilly
Tawny and Lilly swatched

These are the  shades that are no longer a part of the regular line.  I adore these shades.  They are so natural on my skin and work with a multitude of eye and lip shades.  I think both will be sorrily missed when I run out.  Luckily, I’ve barely made a dent in them so they should be around for awhile.

Top: Spice, Sunset  /  Bottom: Flamingo, Flushed
Top: Spice, Sunset / Bottom: Flamingo, Flushed

This is easily my favorite packaging for blush: sleek, slim, and to the point.  I can see the shade through the lid, there’s no tiny useless brush, and no difficult closure to pry open with fingernails.  Best of all, they take up such little space!

Spice, Sunset, Flamingo, Flushed (in natural light)

Let’s face it…these are beautiful shades.  They work for any skin tone, but if you are shy about color here are my suggestions:  go orange for warm skin, pink for cool.  I actually read that from Sonia Kashuk herself in one of her many online tips.  It definitely works!  If you need to narrow your choices down I also recommend orange for summer and pink for spring.  The pinks are flowery and soft and work well on skin that hasn’t seen the sun in awhile.  The orange-y hues remind me of sunsets on hot summer nights.  (Really, they remind me of date nights strolling through our town center a block from the beach.  Hearing the waves crash in the dark…  Come on summer!)

You can be sure to see these in FOTDs coming up and they’ve been featured in a number of looks previously.  They are pigmented, blend well, and give an easy flush to the cheeks, no matter the shade.  What do you think…  Which is your favorite?  Do you have one you’d like me to use in a FOTD post?