“A special place for people with a serious beauty addiction,” really says it all.  I am all about customer appreciation so if one person spends $1,000 a year or more in one store, it is nice to see extra perks.

Exclusive Rouge VIB Events:  Meet your fellow product junkies.  My friends are fabulous.  So fabulous that they even listen to me ramble on about beauty products that they have no interest in.  Even so, I’d love to talk shop with other junkies!

Free Shipping:  Every order, every time.  Um, YES.

Special Surprise Gifts.  One thing I’ve found lacking from the VIB program is in-store customer appreciation.  Can ya, toss a few samples this girl’s way?  Not only is it a nice “thank you” but it’s likely to get me to spend even more money.  Over the last two weeks, I’ve noticed my local Sephora staff upping their game at checkout.  I noticed the difference and truly appreciate it.

Access to the Beauty Studio:  Unlimited Services on the House.  I will totally be taking advantage of this.  My favorite SA is a phenomenal makeup artist.  I learn a ton from her and appreciate her attention to detail of my likes and dislikes.  I am a very hands on learner and can’t wait to book an appointment the next time I want to learn a few tricks to pull off a new look.

Do I think people should strive to reach this new Beauty Insider level?  Absolutely not.  But for the enthusiasts who already go above and beyond the VIB spending mark, VIB Rouge is a phenomenal way for Sephora to thank and treat their fans.

What are your thoughts on the new level of the Beauty Insider program?