As a beauty blogger, there is a vast amount of hand washing that goes on.  In addition I am a stay-at-home-mom of two little ones.  Even more hand washing.  Don’t forget bathing my kids…that’s two extra showers for my hands.  And two weeks ago we adopted an 8 month old Frenchton named Fargo.  So, you guessed it, more hand washing.  There’s laundry, crazy amounts of yard work (live oaks in April are messy), lots of cooking, and sometimes two showers a day.  You can imagine the state of my hands.

Even with a base and top coat, most nail polish doesn’t last long on my nails.  I used to get 3 days of wear.  I though that was pretty good.  And then my nails went into this bizarre state of being and nothing adheres to them anymore.  Most people have trouble with nail polish chipping.  I have trouble with nail polish peeling right off less than twenty four hours after application.  Like Tinkerbell Cosmetics Peel-Off Polish from the 90s.  No amount of pre-polish acetone seems to keep the polish on so I decided it was time for at-home gel nails.

Sensationail Fuse Gelnamel System packaged

Sensationail makes two different at-home gel nail polish systems.  The first is a typical base, color, top coat combination with a large lamp for curing four fingers at a time.  The second is the Fuse Gelnamel System with all-in-one polish.  And the LED lamp? It cures one finger at a time, but it can be plugged into a USB port. This is brilliant because it lets me do my nails while catching up on Bones and beauty blogs during my kids’ nap time.

Sensationail Fuse Gelnamel System with Sonic-MLED lamp / nail file / push stick / Gelnamel Color / cleanser / lint-free wipes / USB power cord / AC adapter

I’ve given Fuse a few tries and I think I’m finally getting the hang of gel nails.

1st try:  Following the Fuse instructions to the letter, my manicure with Sonic-M lasted until day four when I dug up weeds in my front yard with bare hands.  To be fair, I was practically clawing at the ground and the polish began to peel off.  I was surprised to find that after removing the polish my bare nails looked very healthy.

2nd try:  I picked up a nail block to more gently buff my nails (the file included with the starter kit is very rough).  This time Sonic-M only lasted three days.  It turns out my nails prefer a harsher buff to prevent the peeling.

3rd try:  Then I decided to purchase E-motion because it is a perfect Radiant Orchid.  I again used the nail block, but this time a rougher side.  E-Motion needed 2 coats to be fully opaque, but it was well worth it (my IG the day of).  I got so many compliments on my mani everywhere I went.  This time it lasted four days and I used the Sensationail Removal Tool.  Wow, that thing is amazing! I’m dying to try it for removing glitter polish.

Sensationail Cuticle Oilcuticle oil used between manicures

I still can’t get over how solid and healthy my nails look.  My nails typically crack on the sides and despite the immense amount of yard work lately, they are holding up well.  The only difference has been wearing Sensationail Fuse Gelnamel and using the Cuticle Oil between manicures.

Do you wear gel nail polish?  Have you tried any at-home varieties?


Price: Starter Kit $24.99 to $29.99

Availability: Sensationail, Target

Summary: Sensationail Fuse Gelnamel System is a very compact at home gel nail polish system.  It offers a base, color, and top coat in one step with a portable LED lamp that cures one finger at a time for 30 seconds each.  And the light turns off automatically so no timer necessary!  While the system boasts high shine gel color for up to one week, my difficult nails were perfectly polished for up to four days.  However, gel nail color tends to grow out before it wears off so I don’t mind the shorter life span of my manicure.  With the number of compliments I received and resulting overall health of my nails, I highly recommend trying the Fuse System for anyone who prefers gel polish.

Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for consideration.