At the house I grew up on, we had rose bushes planted along the south side of the house.  They were cut down in fall and covered with large styrofoam buckets in winter for protection from the cold and snow.  I always knew that when the bushes were uncovered, spring was around the corner and something beautiful was going to happen.

Rose Garden Closeup

The roses I remember were a beautiful deep red violet color and the softness of the petals was like velvet.  They bloomed in late spring and early summer and the buds were always a welcome to warmer weather.

Rose Garden Eyes

To create the garden I started with NARS Madrague II eyeshadow from my lashline to my eyebrow.  Then I buffed Ashes to Ashes on my lid and through my crease.  The green was provided by Inglot Eyeshadow 419 (pearl) and concentrated at the lower half of my mobile lid with a slight angle up and out toward the crease.  I have a (more than) minor obsession with NARS Nā Pali Coast Multiple at the moment.  Between the glow it provides and the natural rosy hue, it complemented this look perfectly.  For my lips I chose NARS Dressed to Kill.  The color is spot on and the gold shimmer offered a playful finishing touch.

Rose Garden

I love the way this look came together and I think it pays a nice tribute to the roses I grew up with.  The touch of a deeper lip color feels much more “me” than the softer shades I’ve been wearing lately and I’m inspired to work more with my Inglot eyeshadows.

What is your favorite early spring memory from childhood?

Disclosure: Some products in this post were provided by PR for consideration.