Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Front View


Another Real Techniques brush is part of my daily arsenal of tools.  My most recent purchase was the Expert Face Brush.  While I had been using the Buffing Brush from the Core Collection to apply liquid foundation, I wanted to compare the two brushes and have since changed to the Expert Face Brush.

Real Techniques Buffing and Expert Tools Side by side


To begin with, the ferrule of the Buffing Brush is round while the Expert Face Brush has two straight edges.  This changes the shapes of the brushes drastically.  There are more bristles in the Expert Face Brush making it more dense which works better with liquid or cream products rather than powder.


Real Techniques Expert Face and Buffing Brush sizes

The Expert Face Brush sports shorter bristles which are therefore more stiff than those of the Buffing Brush.  Applying product with the Expert Face Brush works best by using long strokes.  The flexibility of the Buffing Brush bristles allow a swirling motion and the flat top provides the ability to patt product evenly.  This is not possible with the rounded edge of the Expert Face Brush.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush side view


I continue to use the Buffing Brush, but now prefer it for pressed powders.  (It is my ideal brush for NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder.)  My Expert Face Brush is used with liquid or whipped foundations…anything in a squeeze tube or pump bottle.  I’m sure it also works beautifully for contouring, though I have yet to try applying that way.  I’ve enjoyed alternating between the two brushes to find my favorite uses.

Do you own either?  What types of products do you use them for?

It’s been awhile since I included the summary details below a post.  Do you like seeing the section in reviews or would you rather do without?


Price: $9.00

Availability:  Online

Summary:  The lightweight yet sturdy quality of the Real Techniques line is a winner.  The softness of the Taklon brushes make a smooth and even application.  For cream or liquid foundation or cream blush, the Expert Face Brush gives an excellent finish.

10am Beauty Approved?:  Yes – Highly Recommended

Disclaimer:  I purchased these brushes with my own money.