Power couples Addis Ababa and Seduction 1

I love bright pink lipstick.  In all varieties.  But sometimes I want to rock the bold without drawing a lot of attention to myself.  Until recently, I always thought the best way to wear  bright lips was to match it with a bright blush.  Then I came across a gorgeous look that used a deeper blush to pull together a bold lip look and I fell in love.  To create my own version, I chose NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa and NARS Seduction blush (reviews linked).

Power Couples Seduction and Addis Ababa Packaging



Seduction is from the NARS Spring 2013 release and breaks all the “rules” about seasonal color.  Pairing it with Addis Ababa just goes to show that you can’t judge a makeup shade by it’s depth.

Power Couples Seduction and Addis Ababa

I went with black liquid liner and neutral eyeshadows this time, but there are plenty of ways to wear this combo.

Power couples Addis Ababa and Seduction 2

When pairing bright pink lips with bright pink blush, I focus the blush color higher on my cheek bones.  But for this deeper sangria shade, I placed it directly on my cheekbones and barely above where I would place bronzer.  I also avoided the majority of the apples of my cheeks and applied Seduction to the sides of my face.  This left room for highlighter on the upper and inner areas of my cheeks.

Power couples Addis Ababa and Seduction 3

I’m sorry, what’s over there?  Oh, nothing?  You just needed to see more of this gorgeous combo?  No problem!

Have you worn deep blush with bold pink lips?  What is your favorite combination?