Every mama woman can start to feel run-down and overwhelmed so we need to remember to take a little time for ourselves.  Give a little love to that body that works so hard day after day (after day after day…)!

After a long 2 weeks, I’m ready to rejuvinate.

 1.  Give Yourself a Facial:  Cleanse, steam, strip, microdermabrasion, and moisturize that gorgeous face.  Do your brows. Remove your ‘stache. Exfoliate your lips.  Moisturize some more.

2.  Get a New ‘Do:  Go ahead…change it up.  It’s amazing what losing a few inches of hair can do for your attitude.

3.  Take a long, hot shower:  Are you listening?  A HOT shower.  And shave.  You must shave.  Not with soap and a cheap Bic razor, but with shaving cream and that Venus Embrace you’ve stowed away for special occasions.  YOU are a special occasion.  And no, from the knee down doesn’t count; you have to shave the top half too.

4.  Moisturize Both In and Out of the Shower:  Use a hair repair treatment in the shower (Tigi Bed Head Recovery or Aussie 3 Minute Miracle) and use lotion from head to toe when you get out.  Aaahhhh….

5.  Jazz It Up:  Wear a new top and your fave jeans, toss on a necklace, whip out your fave shoes, and take some time to put on makeup.  No, your Sunday church/lunch with mom look is not what I’m talking about.  Jazz. It. Up.

My favorite shoes. Ever. Go with everything and super comfortable.
Much. Better.