Today I bring to you the first update on my laser hair removal process. At this point I’ve used the Tria Laser Hair Removal 4X two of the six times on my underarms.

Tria Laser Hair Removal 4x settings



Right off the bat, I admit disappointment. My hopes were irrationally high and I haven’t noticed a difference yet in either less hair or thinner hair. However, this is only one-third of the way through the treatments so I can’t really expect much.

One surprising element is the level of discomfort pain (let’s call it what it is) involved in laser hair removal. There are five settings on the device and each setting is more effective but also more painful. The first round I only used level 1 because I was unsure of the residual soreness I might feel following a treatment. While using the device I felt a mild discomfort, but my skin was not tender afterwards.

During round 2 I was certain I could handle a higher level so I decided to increase to level 3. Big mistake! After two massive “rubberband snap” sensations, I lowered to level 2. Even that was too much, so I brought it back down to level 1. I have a high pain tolerance so I was very surprised at my inability to use a higher setting. That being said, I am doing this at home and to myself. Something tells me that if this wasn’t self-inflicted pain and I didn’t need to be acutely aware of every movement, it would be much easier to increase the level.

At this point I’m going to continue on at lower settings (there is a really big leap in pain level between each level) and wait until noticing results before increasing to the next level. After all, Tria says that higher levels are less painful as the hair regrowth lessens!

It is typical to not see results until after the fourth session so I am crossing my fingers that at the next update I will have good news!

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