I’m really not a fan of liquid lipstick. Even with all the new formulas out there, I’m not interested. When it comes to OCC Lip Tars, however, I pay far more attention. These don’t apply, feel, wear, or reapply like traditional liquid lipsticks. And the colors are far more interesting than any other brand.

The doe-foot applicator in these applies the product beautifully. I make sure to clean off all the excess on the edge of the tube. Then I apply with the angled tip and flip the applicator around to line and smooth out the edges. One thin coat and another on top makes it last much longer.

Pagan, Blackboard, Lush, Luxe, Fleshworld, Synth, Lydia

Can we take a moment to appreciate and “yesssssssss” this color grouping?! I’ve wanted Pagan and Lydia (pencil) since they launched. The remaining colors were all launched for Fall 2016 and are fantastic. Fleshworld is particularly unique for a red and I purchased Synth with the intention of learning to layer.

OCC Lip Tar Lush
OCC Lip Tar Luxe
OCC Lip Tar Synth
OCC Lip Tar Blackboard
OCC Lip Tar Fleshworld
OCC Lip Tar Synth over Lydia pencil
OCC Lip Tar Black Dahlia and Synth in the center
OCC Lip Tar Pagan

My favorite of the bunch is definitely Blackboard (see it on Instagram here and here) because it makes me rethink green and proves it is wearable after all. I love surprises like that!

What product was a complete makeup surprise for you?