Isn’t it nice to see an organic makeup brand available at the store?  Currently exclusive to Ulta in the U.S., nvey eco offers makeup from face to color products.  I’ve already tried a blush and two eyeshadows, of which the powder formula is fantastic.  And with skin feeling dried out from the frigid winter temperatures it was time to test a moisture foundation.

nvey eco Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation

nvey eco Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation is available in six shades.  As it is very light coverage, each shade can be used on a range of skin tones.  I tested 514 Cool Natural and 516 Warm Honey.  Because this is a dewy finish foundation, I also spent time trying the Mattifying Compact Powder in Neutral/Translucent.

nvey eco Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation 514 Cool Natural and 516 Warm Honey and Mattifying Neutral Translucent swatch514 Cool Natural / 516 Warm Honey / Neutral/Translucent Mattifying Powder

First and foremost when considering nvey eco foundation, think backwards!  Despite the names, Cool Natural is a far better match for me than Warm Honey.  It is more yellow toned and balances better on my olive skin.  Cool Natural is a touch on the light side for my medium-tan complexion, but given the light coverage it blends in.  It can always be warmed up with bronzer for spring and if I still require moisturizing formulas in summer I will try Warm Honey again.

nvey eco Mattifying Compact Powder in Neutral Translucent

This is in fact a moisture rich foundation and therefore works better for normal or dry skin.  On my combination skin I have dry cheeks, a normal forehead, and an oily nose.  For me, setting with a powder is a must.  The Mattifying Compact Powder is just the ticket for my T-zone to avoid shine.  But the real key to the foundation is application.

I’ve tried quite a few different methods.  First I tried a buffing brush, but the foundation sat on top of my skin.  It was visibly patchy. Next I tried a stippling brush, but it looked streaky.  For dry skin, or those who like an ultra dewy finish, go with a damp sponge for application and pat it onto the skin.  To draw less attention to large pores or for a more natural finish, work the foundation into the skin with hands.  This is my preferred method as the foundation then lasts 5-6 hours over primer and set with powder.

The Mattifying Compact Powder applies best with a large fluffy brush.  It breaks up very easily so it is important not to press into it with dense or stiff bristles.  I have tried the powder over a number of other foundations as well and they have gotten along nicely.

nvey eco Moisture Rich Foundation 514 Cool Natural beforebefore

nvey eco Moisture Rich Foundation 514 Cool Natural Afterafter, everywhere but undereyes, wearing 514 Cool Natural

One final note…I skip my undereyes when applying nvey eco foundation.  Because it is so moisture rich, my undereye concealer wasn’t setting properly.  Not a big deal for me since I never use foundation there anyway.

Are you on the lookout for an organic brand?  What do you want most in a foundation right now?


Price: Foundation $28.00 / Powder $26.00

Availability: Ulta

Summary: nvey eco Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation offers light coverage.  The organic formula is great in cold weather for anyone with normal to dry skin.  It should be worked into the skin and the finish is natural or dewy depending on application.  I recommend keeping a powder on hand for touch-ups.  The packaging offers an easily controlled pump for just the right amount of product and the tube is clear to show the exact shade and amount of foundation inside.  Mattifying Compact Powder wears well over a variety of foundation formulas from different brands and helps control oil production.

Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for consideration.