After buying a few different Nexxus products, I was blown away and got in touch with the brand to bring more of Nexxus hair care to you.  Let me be blatantly honest and say that I’m shocked I don’t hear about the brand more often because I haven’t been disappointed by a single Nexxus product yet.  I’d even go so far as to say that Nexxus has revolutionized my hair care so I’m excited to share with you a few posts reviewing their products.  First up is the Hydra-Light line with “weightless moisture for hair that flows.”

***Spoiler Alert: The name and slogan say it all.***

Hair type:  Fine, dense, natural loose curls.

Moisture level:  Normal-dry.

Heat usage:  Blow-outs three times a week with flat ironing or curling 1-2 times a week.

Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture products

About 90% of the time, I blow out my natural curls for a semi-voluminous style with a lot of movement.  Because my hair is dense, products meant for fine hair often aren’t rich enough.  And because my hair is fine, products for curly and/or thick hair tend to weigh it down.  So imagine my surprise at finally trying something with enough balance for my hair’s needs.  Of the in-shower Nexxus products I’ve tried so far, the Hydra-Light Shampoo and Conditioner are my favorite.  I do tend to use a lot of styling product in my hair, so I have a preference for clear shampoos that can clean my hair without irritating my scalp.  I then need a hydrating yet lightweight conditioner to nourish my locks without weighing them down.  The Hydra-Light Shampoo and Conditioner foot the bill with ease.

Outside of the shower, I always use a leave-in product.  The Leave-In Conditioning Foam is a new idea to me.  Foams distribute more air with the product for a lighter application.  The recommended usage from Nexxus is for 1-2 pumps on wet hair.  I use 3-4 (sometimes more).  But the Conditioning Foam really shines (literally…my hair is so shiny!) when I use it on dry hair as a refresher and to tame flyaways.

Last but certainly not least is the Root Lift Mist.  If ever you are looking to give your roots a volume boost, pick this one up.  It does a good job during a blowout, but more importantly I find it lifts dry hair on days two and three of a blowout to keep my hair looking fresh.

Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture hair front


Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture hair


Price: $10-99 – $16.99 each

Availability: Ulta, Walgreens,

Summary: Nexxus Hydra-Light products bring movement to my hair leaving it hydrated but not heavy.  It is lifted and full with a weightless feel.  The Hydra-Light line is best suited for fine to medium hair in need of a volume boost.

Disclosure: This product was provided by PR for consideration.