Part two of my Sonia Kashuk Fall 2012 haul is all about her new concealers and eye primer (part one with lip colors here).  Two of the products are new and one is a new shade.

First up is the brand new All Covered Up Concealer.  It comes in four shades:  Porcelain, Ivory, Sand, and Wheat.  The Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation comes in six shades, of which I wear the fourth darkest shade called Buff for most of the year.  I chose All Covered Up Concealer in Sand guessing that it’s the closest to my foundation.

click for closeup of directions and more information

I’m happy to report that this concealer provides medium-full coverage, depending on how many layers are used, and it does a good job of covering my undereye circles.  This concealer should be used sparingly because if too much is applied, it accentuate the lines on my lower lids.  These aren’t age lines, they’re just lines.  All Covered Up needs to be applied in thin layers to avoid making something small look like a canyon.  As for the texture, it is quite similar to Laura Mercier Undercover Pot which is a touch more brightening, but Sonia Kashuk’s dries better.  (Retails for $9.99)

Next is the Extreme Wear Eye Base.  My favorite part about Sonia Kashuk behind this line?  She listens.  Her fans have asked for an eye primer so she made one. I don’t have oily lids and shadow doesn’t fade much on me.  But I like using a primer to keep things looking neat and to let the color show up better.  This is almost a solid but blends smoothly.  It comes in one nude shade.  Blended out, it is invisible so in the swatch below, I layered it very heavily just so you can see the “before” shade.  I think this is a great value and I’d love to hear thoughts from someone with more oily lids.  (Retails for $8.99)

As you can see, Sonia Kashuk All Covered Up Concealer is in a clear jar and the Extreme Wear Eye Primer is in frosted jar.  I love how chic they appear but how low cost they are…why pay more for packaging?

Here I’ve compared the eye primer (left) and the concealer (right).  Again, the primer is sheer when worn normally.

An award-winning favorite now comes in two shades.  Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette II is a new release this fall.  I’ve been asked if the original shade is discontinued because it is hard to find in stores.  It is still listed on Sonia’s website, so keep checking!  If I learn anything more, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I prefer this palette for the neutralizer and covering blemishes because it’s a bit sheer for my deep undereye circles.  Coverage can be built, but it takes quite a few layers to work under my eyes.  However, for mild circles it covers fabulously.  I highly recommend the Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette in either shade because it can carry you through the year without having to find a new shade.  It’s also great for touch-ups and travels easily.  (Retails for $10.99)

Light concealer, dark concealer, neutralizer:

A comparison of the original and the new palettes:

I had a problem with the original shades because, as you can see, I only ever ran out of the darkest shade and it was too light in the summer.  Hooray for II!  Below I swatched both light shades, both dark shades, and then both neutralizers.  (I didn’t include the setting powder.)

As you can see, the neutralizer is the same shade.  Despite its green hue, it becomes invisible when blended.

Here is my face just after moisturizing:

After concealer (Hidden Agenda on your left/All Covered Up on your right):

Foundation and makeup applied:

Are any of these on your list?