It’s been just shy of six months since my last hair cut.  I wasn’t trying to grow it out or anything, but you know….life.  One of the biggest reasons for my delay was not knowing what I wanted done.  My hair was too long for my liking and needed a couple inches off or at least more layering.  And while I liked the results of a good blow out, it was taking almost 40 minutes to get everything volumized and straight.  So I started a Pinterested board and collected images that fell into the “‘lob” category.  The main concern I had about shoulder length hair was making sure I could have it sleek and straight without being flat, wavy without being bushy, and naturally curly (which is a style I rarely wear, but I like the option) without being triangle hair.

When Jennifer posted about her 4 tips for a great hair cut, it was the kick in the pants I needed to pick up the phone and make an appointment.  The stars aligned!  My stylist Annie had a random opening that night, my neighbor came to watch my kids, and when I was flipping through a magazine waiting for my turn in the chair I found the perfect idea for my kitchen remodel.  And then of course there are the actual hair results:

shoulder length beachy waves
shoulder length beachy waves

Annie and I scrolled through my Pinterest board discussing the lengths and textures of Julianne Hough, Kate Mara, Nicole Richie, and Jessica Alba.  We settled on J. Alba as inspiration because her hair color and type are so similar to mine.  The length is just past my shoulders and Annie used texturizing shears rather than giving it layers.  This is such a hair refresher!  There was somewhere around 3-4″ of hair on the floor when we were done, most of which was damaged ends anyway from waiting so long between cuts.

Last time Annie gave me a sleek smooth blow out and this time she opted for beachy waves which is something I’ve never been able to master.  She prepped with Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Texturizing Sea Spray then dried my hair with a large round brush.  Annie has this magical way of using the hair dryer without sectioning my hair.  I must learn her secret, because it turned out awesome!  She used a 1″ curling iron and wrapped my hair around it before setting with Pureology Firm Finishing Spray.  No crunch, totally wavy.

Will it take me six months to make it back to the salon?  Nope.  Am I looking forward to less time with the hair dryer?  Yep.

Thanks Annie!  See you in a couple months :)