“Fresh and pretty” is what I expect from brands in spring collections. Lighter and less obvious than what we see from colder months, it’s also quicker and more forgiving in application. NARS Spring 2016 is no exception this year and we are offered a collection of pinks and one fabulously wearable red (huzzah!).


NARS Spring 2016 swatches St. Moritz, Rosecliff, Banned Red, Hammamet, Impassioned
St. Moritz / Rosecliff / Banned Red / Hammamet / Impassioned

Velvet Matte Skin Tint – Reviewed in a separate post to give my full thoughts, I’m particularly excited about another foundation range from NARS.

Rosecliff Lipstick – A sheer-but-buildable formula with a soft dusty pink that has a hint of brown undertone.

Banned Red Lipstick – This color though. Again, a formula that starts out sheer and builds up to a richer color that is still soft. I highly recommend checking out this shade if you love the look of red but are too shy to wear bolds.

Hammamet Eyeshadow Duo – This is a gorgeous pairing that requires loads of mascara if I’m going to wear it alone. I tend to add a darker color to the corners of my eyes (think Cordura II or Mekong).

Impassioned Blush – Don’t be fooled! This is another product from the line that continues to build smoothly and evenly. I adore this shade on porcelain tones (like Phyrra) and it continues to work on my medium depth. Bravo, NARS!

NARS Spring 2016 wearing Rosecliff

Here’s the thing though….I’m not so keen on wearing these color together. Individually, I think they are fabulous products. Worn together, they just don’t do it for me. I think it has to do with too many pinks at once which clash with my green skin.

NARS Spring 2016 wearing Banned Red

The red lip is much much better, but I think I’ll continue with either Impassioned or Hammamet rather than both at once.

What do you think of this year’s NARS Spring collection?