My last post was about cult and classic lipsticks.  We can all agree NARS Schiap belongs on that list, but did you know I was inadvertently seeking it out for three years?  I had seen a picture of Kim Kardashian (I know, what is with me lately…first contouring and now this) wearing the most perfect shade of pink lips.  At the time I couldn’t find any information on her makeup, but I recently came across the same photo…and info on exactly what artist Troy Jensen used.


NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Schiap

A quick search through the wonderful world of the Internet will tell you Kim was wearing NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Schiap.  A shocking pink that anyone can wear, I certainly didn’t doubt that Troy used it for the look.  But the finish in the photo was clearly glossier and the color a touch deeper.  Enter Hot Wired Lip Lacquer.

NARS Hot Wired Lip Lacquer

A glossy fuchsia with slight blue shift and a nourishing formula, Hot Wired takes Schiap to the next level.

NARS Schiap and Hot Wired swatch

I get a raspberry tone from the Lip Lacquer on my skin and when worn on my lips, they look incredibly full without needing lip liner.

NARS Shciap and Hot Wired worn closeup

For this look I kept the eyes neutral with taupe shades, went for black liner as in Kim’s picture, and I love the finished look.  Hot Wiring Schiap is my newest addiction and was well worth the wait!

NARS Schiap and Hot Wired worn

What celebrity look have you obsessed over until finding the makeup break down?


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