The latest from NARS, the Matte Multiples, possibly held as much anticipation as the NARSissist eyeshadow palette.  With seven shades – three of which are bronzes – there are enough color choices to grab the attention of any cream blush wearer.  Today I bring you Siam and Laos.

NARS Matte Multiple Siam and Laos

Siam / Laos

Looking at them makes me want to applaud over the fact that my two current color loves now come in the form of a NARS Multiple.  The vibrant poppy red shade of Siam is right up my alley with the red-oranges I’ve been sporting when I feel the need for color.  And the rosy Laos falls in line with the natural lip shades I can’t seem to shake on a more daily basis.  Bonus points that the Matte Multiples can be worn on the lips.  For mattes they are rather comfortable, but, as you’ll see below, I plan to keep them on my cheeks as they accentuate the dryness my lips are prone too.

NARS Matte Multiple size comparison

Matte Multiples / Multiple

One thing to note about the new matte offering is the size.  All NARS Multiples are currently $39.00, but the Mattes are .26 oz compared to the original .5 oz.  It’s a bit of a shock at first glance.  But the insane pigmentation of the mattes makes it a no-brainer.  While Multiples are soft and glowy and require some added effort to build, the mattes are bold and and require care to keep natural.

Speaking of pigmentation, I’ve been playing around and have come up with a number of application techniques.  Since these can be applied dry or wet, the options are numerous.

NARS Matte Multiple Siam swatchesSiam applied directly to skin / with fingers / with damp sponge

NARS Matte Multiple Laos swatchesLaos applied directly to skin / with fingers / with damp sponge

When applied with fingers NARS Matte Multiples look like a cheek stain.  But when I use a damp sponge I get more of a watercolor effect.  It’s almost an airy appearance even.  I plan to avoid applying directly from the tube to my skin because it is harder to control the pigmentation.

NARS Matte Multiple Siam wornSiam on cheeks and lips

NARS Matte Multiple Laos wornLaos on cheeks and lips

Laos carries the typical wear time of a cream blush and requires reapplication every few hours.  Siam has a slight staining effect that was more noticeable on my lips than on my cheeks, likely due to the fact I applied Siam over face makeup while my lips were bare.  I suggest setting all Multiples with a powder and/or spray to make the color last longer.  They do reapply smoothly and easily over other face products with no caking in sight.

What do you think of the latest installment of Multiples?  Are you more interested in the colors or bronzes? (I have my eye on Altai!)


Price: $39.00

Availability: NARS, Sephora

Summary: NARS Matte Multiples are vibrant and outgoing compared to the original formula’s more hushed and sweet personality.  They pack a colorful punch and can be applied wet or dry making them an easy choice for anyone who appreciates versatility.  Siam is a must for olive skin and will be hot this summer on all skin tones.  Laos wears well on an every day basis.

Disclosure: These products were provided by PR for consideration.