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We are in the middle of my favorite makeup season and I’m excited to share with you some of the NARS Fall 2016 collection. This year NARS incorporated a couple of traditionally winter/spring tones that wind up playing beautifully with more typical fall colors.

swatched dry then wet: Antares / Rigel / Arcturus / Giove (wet)

I am still a mega-fan of the Dual-Intensity eyeshadows. Antares instantly looked like a holiday season shade, but after a little bit of play time, I found it it gives an amazing sheen when blended very lightly over other shadows. I enjoy Rigel worn either in the center of the lid for a halo smoky eye or toward the inside of the eye and balanced with red-browns on the outside. I was initially disappointed with Arcturus because in the pan it looks identical to Giove. Swatching them side-by-side shows Arcturus is actually a warm blue and Giove is cool. I’m happy to own both and appreciate the medium depth.

Talia / Mona / Apoline / London / Blue Lotus

Duuuuuuuuuude…Check these out! NARS Contour Blushes are fantastic. Matte, natural looking, neither too ashy nor too orange. They give realistic looking depth…more non-touring, less IG fake face. /end rant. I’ve gone back and forth between Olympia and Paloma, appreciating both. But Talia is my easily my preferred shade as it complements my olive skin well. Two more Audacious lipsticks were added to my collection. The formula’s consistency is impressive and I appreciate that it doesn’t change it all from one shade to the next. Mona is a badass red while Apoline is very day-to-day for the average makeup wearer.

Let’s take a second to talk about the Velvet Eyeliners. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to wear these. I love how smudgy they are and that I can blend them out without losing all the pigment. But I can’t seem to make them last on my skin. I get no wear time on the waterline, which is fine because I feel they aren’t meant for that purpose. But even when I smudge with shadow on my lower lashline, they don’t last all day. If I start with Pro Prime on the upper lid, draw a thick line along my upper lashes and smudge over my lid, then apply shadow, I do find it lasts better. But effort, yo.


For this look, I used London as a base, a gray shadow over the top, beige through crease, Rigel at the inner corner and Antares swept over the center.


The lower lashline is Blue Lotus topped with Arcturus. Talia cheekbones! I’ve been wearing the heck out of that ring. It was a gift from  my best friend the same week her father died. So selfless. Plus, she liked it so she put a ring on it <3


What are your favorites this season?