With Christmas a few days away and New Year’s right around the corner, I figured now is perfect timing for my (much much overdue) review of NARS Eyelashes.

NARS False Eyelashes 1,2,3,4
Clockwise from top left: Numéro 1, 2, 3, and 4

A few months ago, NARS released eight pairs of luxurious false lashes. At $20 a pop, they are not at a wear-once-and-toss price point. Thankfully, the quality lives up to the price point and I’ve been able to wear them multiple times, simply cleaning off the glue in between wears.

What makes NARS lashes so reusable is also what makes them so comfortable to wear – the band on each of the four pairs that NARS sent me is supremely lightweight and flexible. I find the band to be the ultimate deal maker or breaker in falsies. In this instance, Numéro 1-4 all pass the test with flying colors.

All eight styles cover the standard varieties of lashes from full, flared, natural, and graduated. Of the pairs that I own, Numéro 1 is my favorite (they also happen to be the top seller on NARS.com). I find these the least dramatic, but they are still quite long. Glasses-wearers beware: You’ll want contacts on NARS lash nights!

I apply these with a brush on glue and don’t have issues with eye poking or falling off (see my tutorial and tips here). I trimmed one tiny clump from the end of each to best fit my eye shape and once they are on, it is easy to forget I’m wearing falsies. For someone looking for quality, natural-looking, and very comfortable lashes, definitely browse through NARS’ eight styles!

What do you look for in false lashes?