When I first saw NARS Eye Paints, I was immediately drawn to Snake Eyes.  What a complex shade!  After seeing Iskandar in person, I decided to go out on a limb and purchase that one first.  But Snake Eyes has been on my mind since.

NARS Eye Paint Iskandar

One of the first things I notice about Snake Eyes is the Emerald tones.  It falls right in line with Pantone’s color of the year, but it also isn’t a common color in my collection.  And while the official photos make this one appear very green, I feel the black base is much more pronounced.

NARS Eye Paint Iskandar

The deeper color of Snake Eyes makes it very easy to apply evenly and with a variety of options.  Above it is at full opacity, applied with a finger in one swipe.  When blended out, there is a slight olive tone as the black is sheered and the green more dispersed.  Just be sure to blend quickly (do one eye at a time) so the Eye Paint doesn’t dry before you have a chance to work with it.  Once Eye Paints dry, they don’t budge.

A pro tip from NARS’ Cindy Rodriguez is to turn the jar face down while applying the product.  This prevents it drying out before it gets old.  Now that I’ve learned this trick, I feel less hurried while applying any cream product to my eyes.


Snake Eyes is my top pick from the NARS Eye Paints for anyone looking to take the first steps out of the ordinary.  It is a great choice to use as eyeliner because the black base keeps it very wearable and the green shimmer is only a subtle change of pace under indoor lighting.  But step into the sun and the green really shines.

A little bit of Snake Eyes goes a very long way and I’m eager to continue experimenting with it – especially under eyeshadows.  What color would you try on top first?


Price: $25.00

Availability: NARS, Sephora, bluemercury

Summary: NARS Eye Paint in Snake Eyes is my top pick from the line.  It makes a fabulous choice for anyone beginning to experiment beyond neutral shades.  It applies easily and can be worn sheer or at full opacity.  It also wears well with colorful eyeshadows (here).  The price is spot on for the quality and amount as I expect the small jar to last a very long time.

10am Beauty Approved?: Yes – Highly Recommended

Disclosure: This product was purchased with my own money.