NARS Dressed to Kill Review and Swatches

I never thought I’d like glitter.  I knew I’d never love it.  I was wrong!

NARS Dressed to Kill


Sephora describes Dressed to Kill as a “fuchsia rose with gold shimmer” and I agree.  But the shimmer really is glitter.  To me, shimmer is a more subtle and finely milled reflection than what is included in Dressed to Kill.

Dressed to Kill and Afghan Red


Above is Dressed to Kill (left) compared to NARS Afghan Red (right).  They are both the same satin formula, but Afghan Red doesn’t include the glitter.  Dressed to Kill is warmer and closer to a true red than Afghan Red.

A gorgeous spring shade recently released by NARS, Dressed to Kill can be worn straight from the tube to pair easily with that little black dress and a pair of stilettos every woman holds sacred.

NARS Dressed to Kill GlitterThat glitter in there??  Wowza!

Or it can be worn to spice up a look any day of the week.

NARS Dressed to Kill lip swatch

On the flip-side, this multi-personality shade can be applied with a finger to give a soft finish for a sweetly colorful pout.  Here it is paired with Seduction blush.

NARS Dressed to Kill and Seduction blush

For some, NARS lipsticks can be drying.  I suggest applying lip balm before beginning your makeup.  Right before putting on Dressed to Kill, kiss the back of your hand to get rid of any balm that hasn’t sunk in.  It also helps to wear a liner underneath to protect from any drying ingredients.


Price:  $24.00

Availability:  Sephora, NARS

Summary:  Because the appearance changes so much depending on the application method used, NARS Dressed to Kill is like having two lipsticks in one.  It works well on a wide variety of skin tones and with a number of different looks.  The gold glitter adds a touch of glamor for anyone who likes a unique take on a red lip.

10am Beauty Approved?:  Yes

  • The Unprofessional Beauty Blog

    Great review. This is a lovely shade on you.

    • Alison M

      Thank you! I’ve had fun playing with this shade.

  • themakeupfile

    Gorgeous Alison! I actually like both lipsticks! Whoops!

  • Sara Gemignani

    hi, I found your blog while I was looking for Dressed to Kill swatches. When I saw the comparison with Afghan red, I thought Dressed to kill is redder. Is it true? Since I like more pink based reds I was wondering which one I should get in your opinion. thanks!

    • Alison M

      DTK is more of a rose red and AR is a garnet shade. But DTK has heavy gold shimmer. I’m wearing DTK in both of the photos in this post and AR here: While neither shades are an exact read, I wouldn’t classify either as a pink-red so I recommend going to a counter/store and swatching them both to get a better feel for them.

  • Amber Baldwin

    Thanks for sharing! I really enjoy seeing lipstick swatches in addition to pics of them being worn and I’ve been looking online for more pictures of this shade. I think I’ll end up buying it unseen because my most recent favorite is NARS Autumn Leaves (warm brandy with warm orangey gold glitter). I never thought I’d like shimmery/glittery lipsticks, but NARS has proven me wrong and I’ve yet to find formulas I like better!

    • Alison M

      I hear you on the unexpected love for shimmer/glitter! I’m making it a point to include full-face photos of products I review so feel free to follow and subscribe. Glad you enjoyed the post :)

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