From the moment I first laid eyes on the NARS Adult Content Blush Palette (albeit in pictures) I knew I needed to start saving my pennies.


 1.  It’s NARS.

2.  It’s NARS Blush.

3.  It’s NARS Blush without Orgasm.  I mean, come on!  What’s a girl got to do to get a little variety around here?

NARS Adult Content Blush Palette swatchZen / Miss Liberty / Desire / Deep Throat

I love that this palette multi-tasks.  You know me…show me more than one use for a product and I’m a happy camper (okay, I hate camping).  Zen makes an awesome contour shade for a softer look.  Not too harsh and with enough pink tones to let it look romantic.  On closer inspection, Miss Liberty has sparkle (see below).  She (it’s a “Miss”, yes?) can be worn as a blush, highlighter, or (my personal favorite) eyeshadow.  Desire is more of a one-use blush, but the brightness is going to make for a gorgeous winter flush.  And Deep Throat is the tanned girl’s Orgasm.  It gives a natural color and glow to the skin.

NARS Adult Content Blush Palette wearing Desirewearing Desire on cheeks and Miss Liberty as eyeshadow at the inner corner and lower lashline

NARS Adult Content Blush Palette wearing Deep Throatwearing Deep Throat on cheeks and Miss Liberty as eyeshadow at the inner corner and lower lashline

To date I have not purchased a NARS blush that has been  bad experience (with exception to an uncomfortable name here and there), and this entire palette performs at the typical NARS standard.  All four colors apply smoothly and with ample pigment.  Miss Liberty is the sheerest of the four, but with good reason as it is the least natural tone for a face.  And while Zen and Desire are both matte they aren’t the least bit chalky.

The Adult Content palette is an easy choice for travel as it is relatively small but packs enough use to cover bronzing, blush, and even limited eyeshadow needs.  It is also a perfect choice for medium-tan skin tones as the biggest pan is for Deep Throat which can be worn with any look.


Price: $49.00

Availability: NARS, bluemercury

Summary: NARS Adult Content Blush Palette is a very versatile grouping of four shades.  While Miss Liberty has glitter and might not be a favorite of some, the other three shades hold their own.  The inclusion of Desire and Deep Throat make this palette more appealing to medium-tan shades and the exclusion of Orgasm Blush is a very nice change of pace. The size of the palette is relatively small and makes the palette more of a spacesaver than a good value.  The three smaller pans make it difficult for a large brush to only pick up one color at a time.  This palette is best suited for travel or for makeup junkies who are looking to not have four more full-size products.

10am Beauty Approved?: Yes (but see above)