Monday's Most Wanted - Vol 8


Benefit Hello Flawless! Powder – My love for powder is a bit baffling lately.  I have the perfect pressed and loose powders, but for some reason I’m still wanting another.  My two current favorites are colorless, as I tend to prefer.  I really like not building up more color when I set my foundation.  But part of me is still longing for something with a natural skin finish…perhaps to touch-up later in the day?  I tried Benefit’s pressed powder in a kit and truly appreciated its softness, color, and finish.

NARS Ashes to Ashes – Taupe.  I want a taupe.  I thought it would be LMdB Corinthian, but I had the misfortune of that looking far more mauve than golden taupe on my complexion.  Now Ashes to Ashes is on my mind and I’m trying to hold off until the weather cools.  If it’s still on my mind then, I will likely purchase.

NARS Fairy’s Kiss – I simply adore And God Created the Woman so naturally I am eager for the Fall 2013 Gifting Collection.  I can see Fairy’s Kiss being my go-to for all things smokey, especially this fall and winter.  I think it will make the perfect cool complement to my otherwise neutral and warm eyeshadow collection.

On another note, I stopped into a local boutique store and learned that a NARS artist will be visiting soon.  I booked my very own one hour session and can not wait to sit down with a pro!  I think I’m going to ask the artist to simply go to town.  Do whatever he/she wants.  There is nothing like getting fresh perspective.  And from a NARS artist?  I just might faint from excitement.