I’ve become rather obsessed with finding a peach-apricot hybrid lip color. Mr. M and I like watching entire TV series on Amazon Instant Video and are currently enjoying Season 4 of Alias. Both Sydney and Nadia have gorgeous “every day” makeup and I am looking to find a similar shade for myself. Something that will brighten my face without making a statement. On my hunt, I’ve found four possibilities.

Monday's Most Wanted - Vol 6

Too Faced Juicy Melons – The La Creme line is a favorite of mine. I own five others and appreciate the plush formula that won’t dry my lips. I swatched this one in store and I wonder if it would be a touch brighter than I am looking for as my lips have a tendency to make most pink-family lipsticks more vibrant. I haven’t purchased this one because, while not horribly offensive, the name is pushing the boundaries. Can you imagine….”Wow, Alison, that’s a very pretty lipstick. Which one is it?” “Oh, thanks Grandma. It’s Juicy Melons by Too Faced.” Yeah…. Come to think of it, my grandmother would get a huge kick out of that. She’s a feisty one!

NARS Happy Days – Pencil, yay! Sharpener, booooo! But oh-so-very pretty. I haven’t tried this one on yet and need to see how sheer it would be. I do enjoy my other NARS pencils, especially New Lover from the same Velvet Gloss line.

NARS Niagara – I’ve seen this shade on too many beautiful women. It’s lovely, it’s an easy lipstick form. But on dry lip days I wouldn’t be able to wear it and it sometimes looks more pink than I’d like.

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense 39 (not pictured) – This is another beautiful shade, but from a line I am less familiar with. I haven’t been to a store to swatch yet, but the pictures I’ve found online make it look like a close match.

I suppose in true makeup junkie fashion the name of research, I should buy all four and do a comparison post, but I’m trying to be good and do hope to narrow it down to the exact one I’ve been looking for.

Dare I even ask….do you consider these shades to be coral? I generally think of coral as vivid, but the orange tones in these might push them over the edge from peach. Which of these do you like the most? Any other shade recommendations while I continue my search?