Monday's Most Wanted - Vol 16


Balenciaga Rosabotnatica – I freely admit the packaging is part of the allure.  As I remember enjoying the scent in store, I need to pick up a sample to see if it is still pleasant when I wear it.  Far too many times I’ve found a “must have” fragrance turn “meh” or even “oh-my-gosh-what-the-heck-happened” when worn.  I’m looking for something that has me inhaling deeply all day with a “damn, I smell good!” response.

Chloe Roses de Chloé – This one I do have a sample of. And it. is. divine.  The only reason I haven’t purchased it yet is because I have Chloéand (obviously) the two smell quite similar. So maybe I’ll get my roses elsewhere?

Urban Decay Turn On – More rose!  I finally settled on my next Revolution Lipstick.  I see this shade being hugely popular for spring and I’m itching to place an Urban Decay order sometime soon.  There are quite a few shades that have gotten my attention lately (Shame, Manic, Bang), but I expect to finally take the plunge with Turn On.  Do you have any favorites from this line?

What’s on your wish list this week?