Monday’s Most Wanted – Vol 13 Sephora VIB Sale Edition

My Sephora VIB Sale cards arrived in the mail recently and I’ve since been hopelessly filling my online shopping cart.  I always try to go the practical route and use the 20% off to stock up on essentials and while I’ve already culled quite a bit of my list, something’s got to give.  Here’s where I’m at so far:

Monday's Most Wanted Vol 13 Sephora VIB Sale


Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens – Yes, 3 packs.  They’re half the cost of the regular ones before taking my 20% off.  (Please don’t buy them all before I get some!)

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick Mini in Icon – This.  It’s just beautiful!  The swatches I’ve seen so far look similar to those I’ve seen of Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Creme in Port which I bought recently to use as my holiday lip color this year. Do I need both? Do I skip Hourglass? (Seriously…did I just ask that?) Do I return Port for something else?

Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head Twin-Pack in Normal – This is my perfect density brush.  I’ve tried Sensitive and even using it twice a day didn’t clear up my textural issues.  Next I tried the Deep Pore brush and it was almost perfect.  My pores were clear, my forehead smooth, but my skin was ever so slightly dry.  I’ve since started using the Normal brush and I’m loving it.  I can use it twice a day if I feel like it and I don’t get dried out.  It’s a clear winner.

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Perfect Black – I far prefer the Too Faced formula over Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Pencils.  Too Faced stays on my waterline much better and the Perfect Black color is something I prefer to Urban Decay’s Zero and Perversion.  I’m almost out of my Zero pencil so this one is a must-buy for me.

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Perfect Espresso – I also own Perfect Brown which is sometimes too light.  I’m low on Urban Decay Demolition which is also a great shade, but again I have better wear-time with Too Faced.

NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder – The pressed powder has been in my possession since the release and it is fantastic.  The unique formula requires a very dense brush for application and while the compact is convenient on the go, I’m just a loose powder kind of girl.  Wondering which you’d prefer?  Cindy Rodriguez of NARS 413 BLKR suggests loose powder which will give a smoother finish than pressed because it is lighter.  Can’t argue with that logic!

Beauty Blender PRO Double Blenders – How long have I been meaning to try these??  The only reason I haven’t yet is because sponges stain.  And I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to applicator cleanliness.  What do you think…do I go for it?  Any favorite cleaning methods?

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Stromboli – Still one of my best foundation matches ever, I love Stromboli.  I’m on the fence because I currently have three open foundations and three open tinted moisturizers (maybe more?).  Ridiculous, I know, but there’s this irrational fear inside me that I will manage to finish them and then I’ll have lost out on saving money for Sheer Glow.  (Do ya feel me, junkies?)

Urban Essentials by Urban Decay 500-Point Perk – Okay.  So I really want the b6 spray, mainly for a wedding I’m doing makeup for this Friday and also out of curiosity.  This set has a .5 oz bottle.  I recently purchased a 1oz of All Nighter for $14.00 because it is travel-sized and excellent for makeup artist gigs.  I might pick this one up early which leads me to…

Holly Jolly Nourishment Sample Bag with 8 Samples – Again, a .5 oz b6 spray.  See, I can leave one with my friend and keep the other this way.  And it’s like $14.00 in free spray.  I’m also interested in trying the Too Faced BB cream and the Living Proof product.  Plus it comes in a makeup bag and while they are never high quality, I always hope the next one will be different.  (What is wrong with me?) But to get this one, I can’t use my 20% off code as well so I need to make a $25.00 order separate from the VIB Sale that starts Friday. (Seriously, what is wrong with me?)

Such first world problems.

On another note, I’m severely disappointed in the VIB Rouge program.  Sephora made a big deal about extra perks and gifts.  I haven’t seen anything yet.  I don’t mean to sound spoiled, but don’t advertise something and then not hold up to your end of the bargain.  Don’t get me wrong…unlimited free access to the Beauty Studio is nice to have, but how often will I actually use that?  I haven’t yet.  Keep trying Sephora.  You can do better.

Am I missing anything in my cart? Is there a complete miss on this list?  Tell me what you think and let me know what’s on your list!

  • Rocaille

    Hahah, I think all of our wishlists are crazy these days with the sales, discounts and promos! I want to shop the Sephora VIB, but has their sale as well, and they stock Mally Shadow Sticks… but I don’t need any more shadow sticks!!! Anyway, about the Beauty Blender – I just picked up the Real Techniques version from Ulta, haven’t tested it yet, but it’s supposed to be the most similar to the original BB. Maybe go that route and save some pennies?

    • Alison M

      I keep toying with the idea of buying the RT sponge. I adore their brushes so I’m sure their sponge is fantastic. But I’ve also heard that the RT version is slightly stiffer and is harder to squeeze water from. I wonder if it would soak up extra product too? I hope to hear your thoughts once you’ve tested it!

  • Kelly C.

    I got the nourishment bag too! I cannot wait to try everything out!

    • Alison M

      I totally went and got the UD 500-point perk. I’m trying to reign myself in and not make a separate order for the bag. Soooo tempting though.

  • Kristen / Glambunctious

    I like your strategic approach, especially w/r/t the 2 B6 UD sprays! Being a foundation junkie, I would never fault someone’s logic about buying another one, esp. if it’s a repurchase of something they know they love. Have you tried the HG liquid lipstick formula before? I have one (Canvas) and I’m just not insane for the texture. It vacuum seals itself to the lips which is great for longevity but the texture is a bit strange. I love their glosses, though! If you already have a Bite product that you love and looks great on you and you’re a fan of the HG liquid lipstick formula, then I say treat yourself. Can a girl ever have too many flattering lipstick options? That’s rhetorical. ;) For basics, I’m planning to stock up on Clarisonic brush heads also, and a new tube of NARS Smudge Proof since I just have this feeling I’m about to run out! Gotta go by feeling sometimes when you can’t see through the tube! :) Oh and I was totally hoping the VIB Rouge would include something really crazy fantastic, like early access to the 20% off sale or coupons. THAT would truly be VIB!

    • Alison M

      Oh crap, Kristen. Tonight I settled on a plan to return Port and buy Icon (it’s only $10!) AND Empress. But if it’s a funky texture? My lips are the only part of my face sensitive to texture… Maybe I need to try them on in store. Which I never do because it’s gross. But this is clearly important. Thanks for the heads up! Speaking of never having enough flattering lipstick options, I added two UD Revolutions to the cart (somebody stop me!).

      Early access to the sale would be perfect. Or maybe a super nice GWP because let’s face it – VIB Rouges will be spending some $$$ during the sale. Also…where the heck are the exclusive VIB Rouge events? For real.

      • Kristen / Glambunctious

        Oh lawd, Empress! I have seen that on a few people recently and have just been in LOVE. Maybe I got a flukey tube?! What did you end up doing?! I also can’t wait to hear about the Revolution lipsticks! I’ve been eyeing 3…Rush, Streak, and Strip!

        • Alison M

          Sooooooo….. I’ve heard great things and “meh” things about Opaque Rouges. Since I’m particular about my lips, I went with Femme Rouge Nocturnal instead. I now own Fresco and well, and love the line as my luxury lipstick of choice. I want to get Femme Rouge Icon now, but I’m trying not to be greedy :) I wound up getting mostly basics….NARS powder, some sponges, lots of blotting linens, then Naked lipstick, Naked 2, the eyeliners, and the brush heads.

  • Sarah S.

    Yeah, so far not regretting I haven’t made it to VIB rouge yet! Let’s hope they give you a kick-ass gift card at the end of the year :) BTW you NEED the Beauty Blender Cleanser (liquid is better than the solid, but the solid is still pretty great). It’ll whack out any makeup you have stuck in the sponges for several uses (maybe not forever, but it’s amazing stuff and I use it for all my makeup brushes and sponges).

    • Alison M

      I’ve been curious about it, but didn’t want to go buying something that was pricey because of a brand name, you know? Glad to know it is worth it! How often do you wash foundation out of your brushes and sponges? And does this mean you love the Beauty Blender?

      • Sarah S.

        Lately I don’t wear foundation very often (about 1x per week), but when I use the beauty blender I wash it after 1-2 uses (same with brushes). I break out so easily so I am quite particular about my brushes being clean… also I have sooo many brushes I can do this without washing brushes all the time, LOL. I do love the beauty blender and I especially make it a point to use it for special occasions because I feel like the application is a “blurring/photoshop” effect.

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